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The Crackers I Want To Make

I’ve never made crackers before. I don’t normally have patience for fussy baking, like rolled cookies and stuff like that, because I hate piling up rotations of hot cookie sheets and cooling racks and whatnot. But the dream kitchen has miles of countertop — suddenly I find myself atwitter with visions of not being annoyed with space limitations. I could have plenty of room for rolling, cutting, baking and cooling! So now that I’m getting some giddy-up, I’m convinced I’m going to make myself buttloads of crackers. Just think of all the money I’ll save by not having to pay for those fancy olive oil and sea salt crackers once a month (when my Artisanal cheese-of-the-month delivery arrives)! I can be a millionaire! So I’m rooting through the KAF Cookbook and these are the recipes that have caught my eye:

1. Basic crackers. Just, you know, to get the lay of the land.
2. Rye crisps. This recipe suggests using a dough docker; any excuse to buy a new gadget is a good excuse in my book.
3. Curry and ginger crackers.
4. Sesame thins. They say these pair well with hummus. I think I can do that.
5. Thin wheat crackers. Or rather, “make your own Wheat Thins”. Think of the money I’ll save!
6. Crisp seeded mega-crackers.

My crackers are going to rock.

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