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The Reasons For Our Happiness

It’s been a long time since we’ve done much of anything over here at IPB Living, hasn’t it? It’s been a strange month or so since our last post, full of lots of being busy and stressed at work, and then lazy and chilling out at home, while also on a bit of an endless blog vacation with the conclusion of the hockey season and the start of the World Cup. In short, the days come and go, and we don’t write anything about them. So, if just to document that we are, in fact, still alive, here’s a look at some of the things that are making us really happy this weekend.

Cake without a Slice

The cake we baked just for fun (from Bakers Catalog mixes), and decorated with raspberries we picked in the backyard!

Cheeky Dracula City

Pookie’s Cheeky Dracula City quilt, that’s fueling our Fall Fever!

Crabapple Leaves

Leafy green summertime foliage, despite our Fall Fever!

June 19 2010

The Dala horse bunting we made last weekend!

So, yeah — it’s the height of lazy summertime. But we’re neck-deep in quilt projects, noshing on cake, and watching the Argentina/Mexico game. Life is grand!


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