Is That An Actual Photo Excursion I See There?!

That’s right, we actually, finally got up off our duffs for a good old fashioned photo excursion! We’ve lived just around the corner from Grounds For Sculpture for years but have never bothered to go over despite everyone and their mother telling us that it’s delightful. Meanwhile, we hadn’t seen our buddy elizabetht in forever which is totally unacceptable. So last weekend we bundled up the cameras and headed out for some modern sculpture photography and catching up over fried pickles and beers. In the end, I think we were all more interested in the fried pickles, but we did get some shots we liked.


Dirt Carpet

Giant Vase Of Flowers

Red Filter Bokeh Sparkle

Plant Piano

I Blinded Myself For This?

More Than One Peacock

Tiny Chairs

January 28 2012


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3 responses to “Is That An Actual Photo Excursion I See There?!

  1. this was such a fun day. i’m so glad we got to hang out and drink beers, but taking photso for a whole day was really good too. (and i’m still dreaming of those beers. and the pickles.)

  2. Fried dill pickles! Yum!

    Peacocks! One of our neighbors growing up raised peacocks. They are pretty but very noisy neighbors. The same neighbors raised hunting dogs who liked to howl a lot. A LOT.

    Apparently, those neighbors were deaf.

  3. Schnookie

    Apparently, those neighbors were deaf.

    :^::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: There were apparently feral peacocks in the neighborhood we lived in in California (back before moving to the East Coast the first time), and Boomer has mentioned that they scream like humans. I really couldn’t imagine it, until we saw these guys. We were walking around the sculpture gardens and would periodically hear these hair-raising screeches. Honestly, peacocks are so pretty! How can they sound like such jerks??

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