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PorkFest ’07!

Pig Pumpkin
The cooking highlight of the year at stately IPB Manor is PorkFest, our annual celebration of all things pork. This tradition started three years ago when I made pulled pork (smoked in my regular old Weber grill, mind you) and mentioned it to Carrie (Official Real-Life Friend of IPB [TM]), who was aghast that she and her husband Jonathan were not invited to partake of it. Jonathan should be, if he’s not already, a legend in the pork industry for his tremendous fondness for all things pig meat. Because I enjoyed making the pork so much, I was more than happy to re-create the dish in “having actual people over to the house to eat the things I’ve made” form, and PorkFest was born. This year’s invite list included Carrie, Jonathan and their daughter Molly, Sarah and Paul and their son Clark, and Eugenie and Jarrett (of U.S. Open fame), and everyone was asked to bring a dish.
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