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Give A Hoot, Make Something With Felt

Not too long ago Pookie was the lucky winner in a Fa La La La Felt giveaway, and we promptly fell in love with every project in the book. Our minds were suddenly filled with visions of Maple Hoo being overrun with adorable felt creations, and in our enthusiasm we ended up buying several miles of various and sundry felt, to build up our stash for impromptu Christmas felt projects. And then the felt sat in a pile in our dining room, patiently waiting for reality to catch up with our grandiose plans. Last night, with Sunday Night Football presenting a not-entirely-interesting backdrop for our handwork time, the time finally came.

We were going to make a little felt owl, and we were going to do it rightnow.

HH Puffinstuff 2

Our first hurdle in our careers as felt ornament makers was the instruction to print the templates in the back of the book, but enlarged 200%. Our little desktop printer/copier is not burly enough to undertake big-assed tasks like “enlarging” (or even “copying in a timely manner”, but that’s beside the point). After a moment’s flagging, we boldly decided we could just wing it. We had the templates in front of us, and could guesstimate what they’d look like times 200%. We were… mostly right. I mean, the end product looks like an owl, so we’re pretty happy with that.

HHP Haunting Gaze

When we went to the Philadelphia Quilt Expo a few weeks ago we stopped in at a booth selling vintage linens and notions; with a mind for all our potential felt projects, we stocked up on button eyes. And there in the bucket of large yellow buttons were these amazing owl eyes. How could we not make an owl with button eyes like these? How??? We couldn’t, that’s how. So, with our creepily anatomically correct button eyes as our guide, we scaled the rest of our owl to fit them.

HH Puffinstuff Drama

We learned a lot in the two hours it took to whip this little guy up, not least that we are rank amateurs at the necessary embroidery skills to make adorable felt creatures. But we also learned that the learning curve is not a steep one. Again, it took only two hours, start to finish, to freehand the template shapes, embroider the chest feathers, applique on the belly, eyes, eye surrounds and beak, attach the eyeballs, applique on the eyelids, then blanket stitch his front to his back and stuff him. And look how adorable he is!

HH Puffinstuff

Hanging from our mantle, along with our Swedish horsie bunting, the newly minted Hooters H. Puffinstuff looks kinda lonely, doesn’t he? He probably needs friends. An army of friends. Friends whose templates are the right sizes, or ones with different button eyes, or ones in different colors, or ones with — gasp! — old-school Bucilla-style sequining. Yessir, H.H. Puffinstuff is just the tip of the iceberg. Now that we’ve had a taste of felt, there’s no going back.

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