Project Hyrda Head For Your Earholes Week 4: Hayaino Daisuki

Project Hydra Head For Your Earholes Week 4

Schnookie’s review: That 14-minute CD was 12 minutes too long.

Pookie’s review: It sounds like if Zu met Dethklok and then played the same song over and over.

In short, this was our first outright dud of the project. But the packaging was pretty funny, so there’s that.

Also tickling the ol’ earholes this week, new Dan The Automator!

This is terrific music to perk up the drab month of January. We hope this isn’t replacing the rumored-for-years sequel to Lovage, but it’s still a delightful addition to Maple Hoo’s music collection.

Also blowing our minds this week was Om’s Advaitic Songs. Yeah, we’re a few months behind on this, but we discovered it at the record store over the weekend — thanks, Elizabeth, for having your wedding reception right next to the Princeton Record Exchange! If you’re looking to have a song climb into your head and then look out your eyes, look no farther than this:


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4 responses to “Project Hyrda Head For Your Earholes Week 4: Hayaino Daisuki

  1. “Headbanger’s karaoke club”. Seems like an oxymoron….sorry to hear it wasn’t good. Although I would have been shocked if you said a Japanese heavy metal album was good.

  2. Pookie

    They’re actually from Hoboken. :D (I actually think there are a bunch of Japanese bands that are big in the noise scene, but that’s not usually what floats my boat.)

  3. Oh busted….I knew I should have verified my assumptions first! That’s what I get for being lazy. ok, I just googled them and discovered that at least the band name means something in Japanese:

    “[I love speed is] literally what it means in a f— up sort of Japanese grammar way. Hayaino is speed Daisuki is love, but it’s love in a sort of way that a 16-year-old girl loves Brad Pitt” – Jon Chang

  4. Schnookie

    You’ve done more research on this now than I have! Of course, I’m still reeling from listening to the CD, so I get a pass, right? :P

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