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IPB’s Sister Kitchen (in Dallas): by Patty

Early in our lives as bloggers, our good friend Patty (in Dallas) emailed us about her own kitchen remodel. While we didn’t start the process at the same time, we realized the two projects were coming to a close at about the same time. We made a blogger’s pact to do a big unveiling as soon as the kitchens were done. And now the time has come! We’re super excited to present to you our sister kitchen (in Dallas), with commentary by Patty herself.

This is what the kitchen looked like originally. This was taken on the day they were demolishing it so you can’t really see how crowded the counters normally were. And the stackable washer and dryer is new. Before the remodel, the clothes dryer was just to the left of the long window. Right out in the kitchen. Now, it’s in a nook by the dining room door. The peninsula basically made the kitchen half its own size. The area on the other side of it was worthless. Barstools wouldn’t fit there, because you couldn’t get past them to that area, and the cabinets hanging overhead made it dark and cave-ish.

Kitchen Before

The kitchen is part of a bigger room and I call the other half the “den”, even though it’s not snuggly. It’s my theory that it was originally two rooms and was opened up sometime in the seventies (probably the same time they added the horrible peninsula in the kitchen). Several months before I started the kitchen, my dad and mom and I pulled down some cheap, glued-on, whitewashed paneling to find the real paneling beneath it. This is what it looked like on demo day.

Den Panelling Before

Personally, I’m not a fan of fireplaces in general, and I don’t really know what to do with them, decorating-wise. So I left it mostly alone, but you can see what that whole part of the room looked like. Nice carpet, huh? Someday I might do something with the fireplace.

Den Fireplace Before

This is the new kitchen. The amazing thing about the kitchen is that it turned out pretty much like I wanted it to. After all the decisions to make and all the times I had to settle for something I didn’t originally want, I was kind of surprised. On the other hand, most of the big parts, I stuck to. Many salesmen thought they knew better what I wanted. One tried to talk me out of the floor design because he didn’t carry plain white and plain black. I didn’t tell him how I’d wanted black-and-white checkerboard floors since I was 11 years old and that’s what I was going to have. I just said thanks, anyway.

I think it’s a pretty unusual look, based on what we see in magazines and on HGTV, but I like to think it’s a trend that might start soon.

New Kitchen 1

This view shows the fridge and the door to the dining room. The green cabinet on the left is a vintage Sellers cabinet that was originally part of a three-piece “wall of cabinets”; a type popular in the 1930s. Behind the wall behind the cabinet is the stacked washer/dryer. Originally that nook held the washer and the water heater, and the dryer was where the fridge is now.

New Kitchen 2

Here’s a look at the other corner of the room, with a good look at the range and the infamous hood. The range story is fairly infamous, too, but also long. The short story is that I had a vintage O’Keefe and Merritt 40″-wide range that the whole design was for, but when I got it into the house and hooked up, I realized I hated it. So I bought a Bertazzoni range from Italy over the internet. Mainly because it was white, but luckily I love it for a bunch more reasons, too. The vintage range served its purpose, though, by being an inspiration.

New Kitchen 3

You’re standing in the dining room doorway in this view. You can see the patio door on the right. They were originally a sliding-glass door, at least when I bought the house. Now it’s a door and a window.

New Kitchen 4

This is the den. Your back is now to the kitchen and the patio door is on your left. I had them attach a tiny little shelf at the top of the paneling for knick-knacks and picture frames. Arranging that shelf is still a work in progress. The walls turned out pretty nice, I think. Back when I first moved here, I pried a piece of the old paneling away to see if I could get a peek at what was behind it. When I realized what it was, I immediately knew that that’s what I was going to do with it.

The sofa and chair are from Ikea. By the time I bought them, I had exhausted every avenue to find the perfect couch, or sectional, or couch/chair combo, but was completely unsuccessful. I figured an Ikea set would tide me over until I found the perfect set, but I kind of like them. Probably keep them. Who else sells a bright blue couch without a bunch of fru-fru? Nobody that I found.

New Den 1

Here you can see the fireplace and the relationship of the patio to the den. If you were to keep turning around to the left, you’d be facing the sink again. (I should do one of those virtual tours, like on real estate sites, shouldn’t I?)

New Den 2

Turning to the right, we can see the Sellers cabinet again and the other wall of the den. Through that door is the hallway to the rest of my tiny house. I plan to put up photos and/or more tchotschkes on that shelf soon. I will have to get my mom to help me with that kind of detail.

New Den 3


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