Project Hydra Head For Your Earholes: Week 3

Week 3: Knut, “Alter”

Project Hydra Head For Your Earholes Week 3

When we fired this CD up we both had an immediate, involuntary response to each other: “Heavy”. This is an album of remixes of Knut’s previously released works, none of which we are familiar with. So while we can’t assess whether this is a redundant or navel-gazing exercise, we can say that it’s a delightful standalone. It rocked hard, it was easy to digest, and it ranged from head-bangy to contemplative to peppy bleep-bloopy and back again. Unlike last week’s entry, it didn’t spur any kind of deeper thought about its meaning, but also unlike last week’s entry, it’s actually something we’ll probably listen to in our cars.

But Favre was unimpressed.

Favre The Knut Holder

Also tickling the ol’ earholes this week:

OMG. We hit up Bela Fleck’s Banjo Summit in Princeton. We both figured it would be a pleasant evening of bluegrass, a lovely diversion for a Saturday night. Boy, were we wrong. OK, the first act was a pleasant hour of lovely bluegrass. The second act included a number that literally had us both gasping for air out of the sheer kick-assed-ness of an electric banjo with a distortion pedal. Minds were blown. HOLY SHIT. It was as extraordinary and surprising as seeing the Dirty Three at ATP last year. Here’s a clip of the second half of the number; imagine it’s been slowly climbing into your head to look out your eyes (and that you’ve been listening to over an hour of pleasant, lovely, standard banjo music):

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