Garden Calendar

This page serves as a record of when we started, sowed, transplanted, and harvested crops in the 2010 edition of Maple Hoo Garden.

February 11
Started onions. (Started hardening them off week of March 8th.)

March 9
Sowed peas outdoors, and started peppers.

March 14
Started tomatoes and broccoli.

April 3
Transplanted onions and imbolc lettuce.

April 11
Transplanted tomatoes into peat pots.

April 22
Put tomatoes in cold frame.

April 30
Harvesting green garlic; potatoes in tubs are sprouting.

May 6
Transplanted tomatoes because they were looking unhappy in the cold frame.

May 16
Moved peppers into cold frame. Started basil seeds. Direct sowed Jacob’s Cattle, Kenearly Yellow, Pawnee Shell, and Cherokee Trail of Tears beans, and two kinds of nasturtiums.

June 12th
Conceded that the broccoli was goners, and planted sunflowers instead. Started pumpkins a week ago. Spotted several proto-tomatoes.

June 19th
Ordered garlic for Fall 2010 planting.

June 20th
Harvested the softneck garlic.

July 16th
Harvested first tomatoes.

July 17th
Harvested all onions.


January 3rd
Ordered Yellow Finn and Desiree potatoes from Seed Savers Exchange.

February 21nd
Started onion seeds (Yellow of Parma and Australian Brown).

March 7th
Started peppers — Jalapenos, Nardello, Tolli’s Sweet Italian, Aci Sivri, and Rellenos.

March 15th
Started tomatoes — Ramapo, Moreton, Black Plum.

March 16th
Direct sowed peas and radishes.

March 21st
Started hardening off onions.

March 30th
Thinned tomatoes and peppers (all of which are getting second leaves).

April 4th
Removed straw from beds. Transplanted tomatoes into larger starter pots.

April 5th
Planted onions in bed. Planted Desiree and Yellow Finn potatoes. Side-dressed garlic with compost.

April 19th
Transplanted peppers into peat pots. Started marigold seeds in peat pots and left outside.

April 26th
Started Poppy Joe’s and Genovese Sweet basil seeds. Planted Jaclyn and Heritage raspberries and Chester blackberries. Most of the potato plants are visible above the soil. Harvested green garlic last night, but it was probably too soon.

May 11th
Transplanted tomatoes! Also mounded the potatoes for the first time. Planted spearmint and transplanted volunteer catnip into pots. Moved the peppers into the cold frame.

May 23rd
Planted the peppers, basil, and cherry tomatoes.

May 24th
First tomato flower.

May 31st
Planted marigolds in beds. Scapes sighting!

June 6th
First scape harvest.

June 9th
First Moreton tomato spotted.

June 12th
First Tolli’s Sweet pepper flower.

June 29th
Harvested 2 pounds of Desiree potatoes and 1 3/8th ounces of Yellow Finn (i.e. one small potato). Also pulled up one head of Inchileum garlic. Marigolds have been blooming for a few days.

July 4th
Ordered garlic (about 55 bulbs) from Seed Savers. One interesting variety already sold out! Order in June next year. Also harvested more garlic (the Inchelium and German White are ready for harvest) and two Australian Brown onions. Cherry tomatoes have proto-tomatoes!

July 11th
Harvested all remaining potatoes, and all remaining garlic. Also, harvested five Australian Brown onions.

July 12th
Planted bush beans: four rows of Arikana Yellow, four rows Boston Favorite, fours rows of Ireland Creek Annie, and three rows of Painted Pony. Planted Lipstick and Vesuvius nasturtiums scattered around the tomato and pepper beds.

July 16th
Beans are sprouting!

July 19th
Noticed a squirrel running off with one of the peaches; harvested a handful of peaches to ripen in the kitchen.

July 21st
Picked first Moreton tomato.

July 26th
Planted carrots and beets. Carrots: (two rows each, in order from house) Yellowstone, St. Valery Chatennay, Scarlet Nantes, Red Core Chatennay, Oxheart, Kurota, Dragon. Beets: (three rows each, in order from house) Bull’s Blood, Burpee’s Golden, Cylindra, Early Blood Turnip.

August 16th
Harvested Yellow of Parma onions. (They could have been taken up any time in the last two weeks.) Harvested lots of tomatoes and peppers. The garden is in full swing now!

November 9th
Sowed garlic. German Extra Hardy, Bogatyr, Chet’s Italian Red, Inchelium, Pskem River, and Siberian.

November 17th
Ordered Caribe potatoes from Seed Savers Exchange. Shipment should arrive at the end of March.


February 18th
Started onions (Riverside, Newburgh), tomatoes (San Marzano, Black Plum), and peppers (habanero, nardello) from seed. Seeds had started sprouted by February 22nd. Tomatoes popped up by February 24th. Leaving seed trays in the dining room to germinate worked well. The peppers were slower, only sprouting on or around March 1st. (Next year: start half a tray each of onion varieties.)

March 8th
Thinned tomatoes and onions.

March 16th
Should have planted lettuce and direct-sown onions.

March 30th
Transplanted tomato plants to larger peat pots. Started hardening onions in cold frame.

April 1st
Removed straw and chicken wire from garlic bed.

April 3rd
Planted potatoes (Yellow Finn, All Blue, Banana Fingerlings, Desiree). Could have planted them earlier.

April 10th
Transplanted onions to garden bed and started scallions.

April 13th
Direct seeded garden bed with lettuce (Butterking, El Capitaine, Four Seasons, Rouge D’Hiver) and radishes (French Breakfast and Plum Purple). Should have done earlier. Will do successive plantings of every two weeks.

April 20th
Transplanted peppers into large peat pots. Started sage and Poppy Joe’s and Genovese basil seeds.

April 22nd
Started Parisian pickling cucumbers, Small Sugar, Casper, and Rouge Vif D’Etampes pumpkins and placed in cold frame.

April 27th
Planted marigolds in corners of beds. Direct sowed scallions and second succession of radishes (French Breakfast and Cherry Belle). Started full tray of scallions for later planting. Planted lavender in container.

May 3rd
Planted San Marzano and Black Plum tomatoes in beds. Direct sowed cucumbers. Planted nursery-bought lavender, sage, and French tarragon in pots. Started sunberries. Direct sowed nepeta.

May 11th
Direct sowed peanuts, Casper and Rouge Vif D’Etampes pumpkins, Calypso bush beans, and 3rd planting of Cherry Belle and French Breakfast radishes. Transplanted Habaneros, Nardellos, Small Sugar pumpkins, and scallions. Mounded several potatoes.

May 15th
First tomato flower.

May 18th
Transplanted Poppy Joe’s and Genovese basils, sage, and yellow pear tomatoes (pass along plants started elsewhere).

May 26th
Mounded potatoes for the last time (the beds won’t accommodate any more soil). Thinned Calypso beans.

May 29th
Noticed the garlic scapes are coming in. All of the Black Plum tomatoes have flowers.

May 30th
Possible peanut sighting.

June 1st
Desiree potato flower bloomed. Confirmation of peanut sighting.

June 9th
Noticed first tomato (black plum). Harvested scapes.

June 11th
First Nardello blossom.

June 15th
Pulled up remaining radishes (leaving some to blot for possible seed saving). Planted brussels sprouts. Planted kaleidiscope carrots, Japanese Imperial long carrots, and Scarlet Dragon carrots. Potted hot-and-spicy oregano and marjoram. Planted tennis ball, pablo, and Granpa Admire’s lettuces (in the shade of the tomato plants).

June 14th
Direct sowed Japanese Imperial long, Kaliedescope, and Red Dragon carrots, as well as brussel sprouts.

June 21st
First Nardello pepper appeared.

June 28th
Harvested German White garlic and two Desiree potato plants. Noticed bean pods on the Calypso plants in the potato bed.

July 6th
Harvested Persian Star and Chesnok Red garlic, remaining Desiree potatoes and all All Blue potatoes. One tomato is starting turn red. Harvested 9 blueberries. Raspberry bramble has been productive for three or four weeks.

July 15th
Harvested most of the Riverside onions, four Yellow Finn potatoes, and all fingerlings. Have been taking a few almost red-tomatoes off the plants for a few days now.

July 19th
Harvested all remaining Riverside and all Newburgh onions.

July 20th
Harvested four Yellow Finn potatoes. Sowed beans (October, Hutterite, Lina Cisco Bird Eggs, Tigers Eye, Calypso), casper pumpkin, carrots (Oxheart, Nantes Coreless, Scarlet Chantenay, Redcore Chantenay), and beets (Chioggia, Cylindra, Detroit Dark Red, Touchstone Gold).

July 26th
Hutterite, Calypso and Tigers Eye have all sprouted and been thinned. Most of October and Lina Cisco have sprouted as well. Pumpkin, beets, and most of carrots have sprouted. Ordered garlic, but one interesting variety was already sold out. Order earlier next year.

July 29th
Harvested last of the Yellow Finn potatoes. Leaving them in the ground longer definitely helped. Don’t harvest as soon next year. Direct sowed jalapeño peppers.

August 6th
Jalapeño peppers sprouted.

August 9th
Harvested first yellow pear tomato and one Calypso bean plant.

August 10th
Direct sowed Purple Top White Globe turnips, Joan rutabagas and baby pumpkins. Moved some basil plants to the jalapeno/bean bed. Thinned beets. Removed gherkin plants and the one Calypso bean that was harvested on August 9th.

August 15th
Turnips and Rutabagas had sprouted. (By the end of August, all the seedlings were eaten down to nothing.)

September 8th
Japanese Imperial Long carrot harvested.

September 11th
First habanero harvested.

September 16th
Removed and composted San Marzano tomatoes.

September 22nd
Sowed braising mix.

October 6th
Harvested majority of Tiger’s Eye beans.

October 13th
Received garlic from Seed Savers Exchange. (Had received Seeds of Change garlic a few days earlier.)

October 23rd
Harvested remainder of all beans; some pods were not dry, but beans dried nicely indoors.

November 9th
Planted garlic and spring carrots.
Big garlic bed: Bogatyr (five rows, each double planted for green garlic, plus bonus row of green garlic); Georgian Crystal (three rows, two double planted); Inchelium (four rows, all double planted)
Small garlic bed: German White interplanted with carrots (two bonus rows of Inchelium)
Ordered Desiree potatoes from Seed Savers Exchange.