Picking Eating With Pookie: Special Earth-Shattering Edition!!!

Three years ago I embarked on the “Picking Eating With Pookie” project, where I’d try veggies from the garden and the farm and then report back on my experiences. I made some progress (I’m quite fond of string beans roasted with potatoes, I love wilted greens like chard in with my pasta, and I periodically find myself contemplating how tasty garden carrots can be) but there are still some major hurdles. One of the highest hurdles is beets. Cooked spinach is still tops on my list of things I hate, but that’s not usually a problem, since it’s not often on the menu at Maple Hoo. Beets are. Boomer and Schnookie just loooooove their beets. And they can’t. Stop. Talking. About. Them. From the first beet of the season until the last, it’s just all “ooh, beets are the best”, “beets are nature’s candy”, “I want to marry these beets”. Blah blah barf.

This weekend was no different. Schnookie declared on Friday that she was going to make quinoa with shredded beets to go along with Sunday’s dinner. While she and Boomer waxed on about how great the beets would be, all I could think was, “What the fuck?! You can’t waste quinoa by filling it with beets!! That’s sacrilege!” Schnookie was all, “Oh, no worries, you can pick the beets out.” I wasn’t buying it, but I didn’t say anything.

Well, I didn’t say anything until Sunday night when Schnookie was prepping dinner. She had the unmitigated gall to point out how beautiful the shredded beets were. Well, I never! I may have overreacted out of despair that delicious Rancho Gordo quinoa was going to waste, but I think I said something like, “I hope those beets rot in hell!” That led to a little veggie-hate-filled tiff that I wasn’t proud of, but that I certainly wasn’t going to back down from. I mean, for heaven’s sake, these were beets we were talking about! The lead up to dinner was terrible. Everyone was cranky, the weather was muggy, the view from the grill is depressing. It was a bad scene.

So I was not in the greatest of moods when I found myself standing next to the kitchen counter when the serving bowl of beet-red quinoa, spiced with sumac and cumin, was placed before me. I peered at it. A-ha! Just as I suspected! Shredded beets were not something that would easily be picked out of a quinoa dish! Schnookie’s a liar! A dirty, beet-loving liar! But… The closer I looked at how indistinguishable the beet shreds were from the quinoa, the more I noticed that it was a giant bowl of delicious, delicious quinoa. I love quinoa. It manages to be mushy like mashed potatoes, but also a little crunchy like popcorn, and never too nutty. Mmmm, quinoa. Quinoaaaaaa…

I couldn’t resist! I had to take a little nibble! I carefully chose a tiny bit that definitely didn’t have a beet on it. And it was phenomenal. So… I took another bite. And it was also phenomenal. It tasted like some heavenly combination of southwestern and Indian cooking. Without thinking, I went back in for more. And without realizing it, I took a bite that had beets in it. I had to admit, I couldn’t tell what was beet and what was quinoa. I couldn’t tell what was gross and what delicious. Could it be… the beet wasn’t gross?!

Next thing I knew, I was loading my plate up with beetstuffs.

If you thought the planet seemed to shift around 7:45 pm today, now you know why. Picking-Eating Pookie willingly ate beets.

Color Pookie Shocked

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8 responses to “Picking Eating With Pookie: Special Earth-Shattering Edition!!!

  1. Sarah

    Pookie this will astound you but….I am not crazy about quinoa! i think I would want to pick it out of my beets! But good for you for trying it! and liking it! sorry about your neighbor’s yard-that is an ugly sight to have to look at. :(

  2. Meg

    I like beets alright, but I kind of think they taste like dirt somehow. I can see them being appealing with quinoa though. I’m glad you enjoyed them and your quinoa wasn’t ruined! That would have been horrible!

  3. Pookie

    i think I would want to pick it out of my beets!

    Wha-huh?! You’re CRAZY! Heh. As for the neighbor’s yard, the fence should be installed in a few weeks. Sigh.

    I kind of think they taste like dirt somehow.

    I don’t know what I think they taste like. It’s the smell of them that really turns me off. What’s funny is that I looked up beets in my past Picking Eating posts, and apparently three years ago I tasted a roasted beet and thought it tasted like butter. Weird.

  4. I can’t believe we have to kick you out of the “I Hate Beets Club”. If you come to your senses, we will be here, every Tuesday, eating quinoa and saying loathsome things about beets.

  5. Pookie

    Can I still be in “I Hate Beets When They’re Not Shredded Into Delicious Quinoa Club”? I’ll be there every other Tuesday.

  6. Schnookie

    You people who don’t like beets or don’t like quinoa are CRAZY! Crazy I tells ya!

  7. Amy

    You people who don’t like beets or don’t like quinoa are CRAZY!

    Then call me crazy, because I am not a fan of beets. I tried quinoa for the first time earlier this summer in a corn, avocado & tomato salad, and it was quite good. It was like eating salsa with a nutty crunch in it. I’ve yet to try it on it’s own without additional flavorings.

    And I’m supremely jealous of your tomato harvest. My tomato plant was supposed to grow full sized roma tomatoes, but instead, they’re more like large cherries. I feel robbed!

  8. Pookie

    Amy, a co-worker of mine is having the same problem with her roma tomatoes! It must be a bad year for them.

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