Quilting? Hot Dog!

We have a long running joke with some friends about wiener dogs in booties, so in preparation for a big gathering in Buffalo last weekend, we whipped up this quilt:

Wiener Dog

We’d seen the wiener dog quilt in the book “Dare to be Square” and knew we couldn’t not make it. We added the little yellow booties to make it more fun. This was the first quilt we’ve made entirely on the machine, and the first quilt we’ve pieced in a day. It was such a blast to have all three of us working on the same project at the same time. There were bits of wiener dog quilt all over the dinning room table, both machines were whirring away, and the iron got a workout. We used mostly brown scraps from other projects; the background is Northcott’s new solid line (it was waaaay nicer to use than Kona; it was softer and didn’t have that Kona fraying problem).

We were also super-excited to be able to back it our new favoritest fabric ever, Alexander Henry’s Junebug print (shown here behind Blurch The Pincushion):

Blurch The Bird

Mary, the Long-Arm Quilter, did all-over quilting with dog bones, which could not have been cuter.

The wiener dog is now living the good life in his new home in Buffalo, where will hope his little booties will keep his feet warm in the cold winters.



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8 responses to “Quilting? Hot Dog!

  1. Sarah

    That is the cutest thing ever AND I almost bought the backing fabric today :)

  2. Pookie

    Isn’t it just the most adorable pattern?! And wait, PQW has Junebug now?! Hm… (We actually bought 12 yards of it, but I feel like I can’t possibly have enough of it floating around the house. I have a problem. I’m a Junebug addict.)

  3. It’s cute but, I am loving the little bird pincushion.

  4. Pookie

    Thanks, Ferne! The bird is part of a series of pincushion kits from Just Another Button Factory; each one is more adorable than the last!

  5. Mags

    Not to poo-poo the wonderful job you did on the top, but I think my favourite part is the dogbone quilting. It’s a super cute detail.

  6. Love it! What beautiful colours and great design. Very nice work!
    The dog bone in the quilting is a nice touch too!

  7. Completely adorable. I love this Weiner dog quilt! And I love saying Weiner!

  8. LOVE it!! I’m sure the sight of weiner dog bits all over the dining room was a sight to behold … ROTFL!!!

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