Fun With Crayons

A little over a year ago, we heard that our buddy Elizabeth was partaking in a photo project called “Sixty-Four Colors“. The deal was, the group leaders (the super-talented Jodi and Dani) were going to post one crayon a week from the box of 64 Crayola crayons; participants then had a week to find the color in real life, photograph it, and post it to Flickr. While it seemed fun, we thought for sure the people involved were too intimidatingly awesome and the assignment was too intimidatingly difficult for those of us out in the ‘burbs. We sat on the sidelines and watched as Elizabeth posted the first two weeks, “silver” and “magenta”. Then the third color was drawn, “sea green”. “That’s ridiculous,” we cried, “who could ever find sea green anywhere?! It’s impossible!”

The next day one of us walked into the kitchen and saw on the kitchen counter, a bowl full of drying soup beans. Could it be… Was that bowl really… Yes! Sea green! In our own kitchen!!

January 19 2010

Sea Green by Schnookie

With that picture, we decided we could brave the intimidating people and the intimidating project. We got ourselves a box of crayons and got to work, finding every color in the box as assigned (except magenta, we’re still working on that one). This week, the last color was posted and the project came to an end. The color was “bittersweet” and, gosh, is that ever accurate. We’re so, so, so glad we did this project. It taught us to look closer at the world around us, inspired photos on days when we would have just resorted to another couch challenge, and encouraged us to up our game to fit in with the cool kids. We broadened our Flickr horizons and made new contacts. So it’s definitely sad to see it go. What are our vacations going to be like without making our hosts join the hunt for photos ops of “cadet blue” or “wisteria“? That said… It’s also a bit of a relief to not have to find yet another dang purple!

Here are some of our favorite pictures we took for “Sixty-Four Colors”.

November 30 2010

Red by Pookie

Red Orange Roses

Red Orange by Schnookie

Tumbleweed Weeds

Tumbleweed by Schnookie


Granny Smith Apple by Pookie

Asparagus Green

Asparagus Green by Schnookie (This one was almost impossible to find — until Schnookie spotted it across a crowded hockey arena! This is the stuff “64 Colors” dreams are made of.)

Turquoise Car

Turquoise by Schnookie

Sky Blue Splotch

Sky Blue by Schnookie

Orchid Tentacle

Orchid by Pookie

February 4 2011

Gray by Pookie

Here’s to you, Sixty-Four Colors! We’ll miss you!

The Tastiest Blue Green Ever

Blue Green by Pookie



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4 responses to “Fun With Crayons

  1. i’m glad you guys did this project, too. it was so fun, wasn’t it? and fun, too, seeing where and how others found the colors. i’m sad it’s over. (but yes, no more purples. finally!)

  2. HG

    That is so neat. What a good way to make sure you are using your camera too!

  3. Pookie

    Thanks, Elizabeth, for encouraging us to do 64 Colors, too! I think I’m going to go 64 weeks without photographing anything purple.

    HG, you should try it! It’s super fun!

  4. Cathy

    I think you took some intimidatingly awesome pictures yourselves. Well done. (And I’m glad you’ve starting posting more regularly again.) Great photos.

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