Are We There Yet? How About Now? Now? How About Now?

As I have advanced deeper and deeper into what can be considered “adulthood” I’ve become increasingly cranky about March. In each of the last few years I’ve just wanted March to go away; it’s an annoyingly unproductive month, where winter isn’t fun anymore but spring is still impossibly far away. And now that the time changes three weeks earlier than it did when I was a young, carefree lass? Forget about it. Now we’ve got three miserable weeks of the sun setting late enough that March is just mocking us with how not springy it is.

But this year was different. This year, after a rare (for us) winter that was entirely blanketed with snow, I didn’t mind March. Sure, it was hardly a barnburner for us photography-wise, and sure, it was cruelly warm and crocusy and then BOOM! cold and snowy again, but before I knew it we’d hit March 31 and I hadn’t complained once about it. So what should happen to me immediately after flipping over the calendar to the lovely month of April? Why, of course I’m suddenly losing my mind. Why isn’t it spring yet? Where are the leaves? Why isn’t it warm? And most importantly, why isn’t the garden in full swing?

That’s right — I’ve got a bad case of Garden Fever.

Fortunately, we planted lettuce at Imbolc, so we’ve got at least some crops not too far on the horizon. Look! Lettuce!

Imbolc Lettuce

It’s not nearly ready to eat, but it’s leafy! And green!

Imbolc Lettuce

We still seem to be insufferably far away from having regular photo opportunities of veggie leaves wearing jewels of water droplets, though.

Imbolc Lettuce

I mean, look at how small our peppers are:

Jalapeno Seedlings

And those are the biggest of the pepper seedlings. It’s a sad scene. April, I never expected this from you — I thought you were better than March. Shape up, April, because I want — nay, need to be in full garden swing. It’s not enough to know that someday those baby peppers will be all grown up.

July 6 2010

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4 responses to “Are We There Yet? How About Now? Now? How About Now?

  1. HG

    MY DAY LILIES ARE UP ABOUT 2 INCHES! EEEEEEE!!!! It’s the first spring in the new house and I’m excited to see what is going to come up!

  2. Schnookie

    WOO HOOOOOOOO!!!! And that is CRAZY exciting about being in your new house for spring. I hope there are tons of wonderful surprises there for you. (Our house had one daffodil and a handful of scraggly garlics in the backyard. The daffodil has, over the last five years, become a wonderful bank of them, and the unexpected garlics meant we could pull them up early to try eating green garlic. Oh, and in the summer we discovered a volunteer pumpkin next to the front door. I hope you have an even better bounty. :D)

  3. HG

    I know there is a hydrangea bush tree thing and a clematis. I’m going to work on the two mini-gardens a lot as I have plans for next year with tulips and daffodils and stuff to come up and bloom every month. I’m not sure I can do any food plants based on the lack of direct sun but maybe?

  4. Schnookie

    I am SO jealous of your hydrangea! Those might be my favorite plant that I haven’t yet found a home for in our yard. Maybe I’ll take some inspiration from you! And I think your plans for month after month of cascading blossoming sound GREAT. You need to take lots of pictures for those of us who are flower-gardening nitwits! :D

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