iPad Pajamas

Schnookie and Boomer surprised me — and I mean completely surprised me — by giving me an iPad for Christmas! Woo-hoo! The thing is gorgeous and is especially awesome for looking at Flickr (and for playing Angry Birds, of course). ::happy sigh:: To make the whole thing ever better, Schnookie offered to make a case for it out of felt!

She decided she wanted to put a typewriter on it, and then did some research to find the coolest looking one she could. She ended up choosing some rare Japanese version of an Olympia. We originally thought it would be best in aqua on an orange background, but the felt supplies available to us dictated instead a green typewriter. I think in the end, that was a better choice and I couldn’t be happier. I mean, check it out:

January 9 2011

The combo of the green, orange, and gray is funky and and fun and fresh! I love it. And the workmanship on the typewriter is phenomenal. Schnookie is like a machine when it comes to teensy, tiny whipstitches.

iPad Pajamas Detail

The overall construction is just a basic envelope, with a velcro closure on the back flap. Schnookie picked out the perfect black button to accent the back flap.

iPad Pajamas Diptych

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the whole thing. A co-worker got her iPad out during a meeting yesterday and I looked at the dull, gray leather case she had and laughed and laughed. Because should I ever bring mine to a meeting, my bright orange, be-typewritered iPad will kick her buttoned-up, professional iPad’s butt!

iPad Pajamas

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13 responses to “iPad Pajamas

  1. pam

    NO lie, that is one fabulous case. She’d be cryin in the corner.

  2. it’s beautiful. really beautiful. and your coworker wouldn’t know what hit her when she saw it!

  3. I love the typewriter ipad case. I’m sure your coworker was VERY ashamed of her lame gray case. What an inferior ipad case indeed.

  4. Schnookie

    Thanks, guys! I’m glad I’ve given Pookie’s ipad the ammunition to make other ipads hang their heads in sartorial shame. Heh.

  5. My sister got an ipad for Christmas. I hope she doesn’t see this or I’ll be stitching something kinda like this. It’s beautiful. Well done.

    Mine won’t be quite as spectacular as this one. What am I talking about….I’ll just send her to Schnookie

  6. Amy

    Pookie, if you can’t have fun with your iPad sleeve, what can you have fun with?
    Schnookie: I’m in awe of the stitching detail.

  7. Schnookie

    Thanks, guys! (Tram, I’d say I’d be happy to make one for anyone who wants one, but considering the RIDONKULOUS price of the felt, I think even just charging for the cost of materials would be prohibitive. :D)

  8. zot

    Wow. Awesome. The stitches, colors, time put in. When I try to make something for my sister, it sometimes take me years to finish. :P

  9. That is the coolest iPad cover I’ve ever seen! Excellent work, Schnookie. (Be careful, it sounds like you getting lots of requests already. You’ll have to start your own business making iPad jammies!)

  10. Schnookie

    When I try to make something for my sister, it sometimes take me years to finish.

    Hee hee! That’s normally my pace, too, so this project shocked us all by going up so quickly. I don’t know who was more surprised by the rapid pace, me or Pookie!

    Thanks, CathyAJ! I have to admit that I had grand visions of being able to quit my job to sew felt iPad pajamas for a living when I started out. But as the project progressed, reality sunk in. :D

  11. That thing is so adorable! I wonder how hard it would be to adjust the process to make some regular-old-laptop pajamas. My laptop would love one!

  12. Mags

    It’s proper amazing, that’s what it is.

    Patty, I’ve been wondering the same thing. Scaling everything up shouldn’t be too hard.

  13. Schnookie

    I actually have some issues with the construction of the iPad pajamas (which is why Pookie wrote this post and I didn’t — I was so ashamed) because they ended up being really flimsy. The felt was lighter than I was expecting, I guess, so while the whole thing ended up making a great protective coating for when the iPad is being carried in another bag, or just for being cozy while it sits around (thus “pajamas”), it would make for a terrible laptop case. So, yeah, the concept could definitely be scaled up, but the materials would have to be changed. (They make much thicker wool felt, but I’m not sure how badly I’d want to kill someone if I was trying to applique through it…)

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