Scavenger Hunt 101 Wrap Up and Introducing SMERSH!

One of our on-going projects for 2010 was Scavenger Hunt 101 on Flickr. It was an easy-going, gently-paced photography motivator for us. We each did own projects (Schnookie’s is here and Pookie’s is here) and had a total blast. The items on the list were constantly in the backs of our minds, and it wasn’t uncommon to hear shouts of “hey, don’t you need a boat without a motor? There’s one!” or “rats, another ambulance and I don’t have my camera!” We’ve picked out a few of our favorites to share.

First up, item #11, a handwritten sign:

Pink Roses, Orange Tent

By Schnookie, taken in the Netherlands

Sing Out, Canary!

By Pookie, taken in NYC

Next time, #66, a dog. We both figured we’d be able to fall back on taking pictures of our friends’ dog, Pippin, but instead we ended up scoring major dog awesomeness on a Scavenger Hunt 101 trip to Asbury Park with Elizabeth.

A Dog

By Schnookie

A Dog

By Pookie (although it was Elizabeth who brilliantly suggested this should count as a dog instead of the “item that represents your region” which Pookie was planning on)

We also both liked what we got for item #7, a puddle:


By Pookie, taken nearby after an expected snow day

Puddle And A Goose

By Schnookie, taken at the local living history farm

When we started the project, we were sure we’d be able to strike a lot of the items off the list by going to our favorite museums. We did just that with #86, a shadow:


By Schnookie, taken in the big blue whale room at the American Museum of Natural History

Me And My Sword-Wielding Shadow

By Pookie, taken at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Of course, we were also entirely confident, for no good reason, that we would both find the most troublesome of all the items — #4, a waterfall — on our vacation to Columbus. Turns out we were right! (Although Pookie later switched hers to a better picture of a waterfall found… on our vacation to Dallas. Heh.)

Inside The Waterfall

By Schnookie, taken at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus


By Pookie, taken at the Dallas Arboretum

We cracked ourselves up by discovering after the fact that we both used roses for #12, a cliche:

One Perfect Rose

By Pookie, taken in the Netherlands

A Cliche

By Schnookie, taken in Texas, of course

The final item was a self-portrait:

A Self Portrait

Pookie By Pookie

Schnookie's Self Portrait

Schnookie by Schnookie

And here are a few of our other favorites:

Food Growing

#74: Food Growing, by Pookie, taken in the garden

An Exotic Creature

#79: An Exotic Animal, by Schnookie, taken in the Netherlands

Italia Bike

#65: A Bicycle, by Pookie, taken in Princeton

Wouldn’t you like to do a project as fun as this?! YOU CAN! Join us for the Super Mega Exciting Radical Scavenger Hunt (a.k.a. SMERSH)! We’ve made our own list of 101 (+1) items that we’re going to be looking for. There’s no time limit and no pressure, just fun fun fun!



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10 responses to “Scavenger Hunt 101 Wrap Up and Introducing SMERSH!

  1. Sarah

    Liz your self portrait is gorgeous. Artsy AND you look beautiful-it doesn’t get much better than that. And, is food growing rhubarb? It’s so beautiful and ruby and crimson-I love it! Also love the exotic Dutch animal, as well as Pookie’s cliche being the yellow rose of Texas (yuk yuk), and both of your waterfalls are really really lovely. Looking forward to participating!! (Assuming I can ever login to flickr again….)

  2. The food growing is rainbow chard, actually, but it’s definitely rhubarby, isn’t it?

  3. Thanks so much, Sarah! I spent the entire year looking forward to taking my self-portrait at that mirror, and then when the day came I was DYING from a horrible headache and I was cranky and cold and the wind was brutal and I was trying not to get caught by Security (no cameras at the workplace), so it ended up being a total pain in the ass to get the picture. But I do think it turned out well! :D

    I’m SUPER excited for you to play SMERSH along with us! I can’t wait to see all the things you find and the ways you interpret things on the list!

  4. it’s funny how i’ve been following along with both of your scavenger hunt 101 sets all along and these are still new to me, somehow. i love these features, and i love that we did this together. i really need to get going with my SMERSH though!!!

  5. I am SO looking forward to participating in SMERSH! It’s time to get snapping.

  6. There’s no hurry, Carol, so no need to race out to get snapping. Just, like, amble. We like that sort of pace a lot more. :D (I’m so glad you’re SMERSHing, too!!)

  7. Mags

    SMERSHing is going to be EXCELLENT. Now I just have to try to memorise what’s on the list…

  8. I keep the list in my bag at all times. I’m… a scavenger hunt nerd. :D

  9. Mags

    I thought about doing that, but my bag is… Hmmm, how to put this nicely… My bag is like Aladdin’s cave. If I put that list in once, I might as well put it in 100 times. The likelihood that I’ll ever find it again is the same.

  10. :^::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I guess memorizing it is the only option! you need flashcards!

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