Darla’s Done — What Next?

Going into 2010, I had three major projects in the works. With Darla off the books, I’m left with Dalarnanana and Henrik Jane and the hopes that I can finish one of them in 2011. Dalarnanana is a fine quilt and all, and I have about 60 of 200 blocks ready to go, but… It gets a little boring. All those triangles! All that red and brown! All that pressing every five minutes! Ugh. So that leaves Henrik Jane! When we last saw HJ, it was looking like this:

Henrik Jane (Sept 2010)

Progress as of September 2010

I was hand-piecing zillions of nine-patches made from 1 3/4″ squares; I’d made somewhere around 36 or so nine-patches out of the 225 I needed. It was slow-going to say the least. The idea that I’d ever finish this quilt was sort of laughable. So I decided to rethink my approach and came up with hand-piecing 25 81-patches instead of 225 nine-patches. I’m a genius. ::eyeroll:: One 81-patch later I put the project back in it’s pizza box, and put it aside for 3 months. It took Schnookie coming up with the idea of machine-piecing the strips to make the 81-patches to get me to dig it back out again two weeks ago. Brilliant! I still get the joy of hand-piecing the strips together, but this is what the project looks like now:

Henrik Jane Progress At End of 2010

Progress as of December 2010

Holy cow, right?! I might actually finish this puppy in 2011! Seriously, while I’m not a New Year’s resolution kinda gal, I am trying to encourage myself to dedicate my energies to this quilt until it’s done. Sure, I’ll work on other stuff too (including a top secret project, as well as my “Bliss” quilt which I’m 75% of the way through but which I haven’t photographed yet [I’m making it exactly like a store model I saw and thus the lack of creativity has led to me not bothering to take pictures]), but my goal (not “resolution”, just “goal”) is to do some work on HJ every week. I think that’s doable, don’t you?

Henrik Jane Beauty Shot

It had better be doable because I really can’t wait to see what this will look like all quilted and washed. I was a little freaked out that I wasn’t getting the contrast right on the nine-patches, but based on these pictures, and based on how every other quilt I’ve finished has ended up (i.e. now I can’t find the things that made me freak out while making them), I think I can stop freaking out. (By the way, the fabric is “Nicey Jane” by Heather Bailey, and the pattern is “Chippewa Nine-Patch” by Minick & Simpson.)

As for other projects I’ll be puttering on, one has to be mentioned for it’s sheer mind-blowing awesomeness. Behold…

Clamshells Without Paper Piecing

Clamshells made with running stitch! I KNOW! We can pause for a moment to wait for the Earth to get back on its axis.

So anyway, back in September, Schnookie gave me a stack of fat quarters from the V&A Museum’s Liberty reproduction line:

V&A Liberty Fabrics

She suggested I use it to make a clamshell quilt, specifically the one in the Kaffe Fasset “Museum Quilts” book. She’s a genius! (In trying to find a picture of the inspiration quilt, I stumbled on this — a Flickr set by the V&A shop explaining where each of the fabrics came from! How awesome is that?) I ordered clamshell papers and then put them all away because I was daunted by how much work paper piecing is. Then finally, over Christmas, I googled clamshells to get a tip on how to best handle basting the fabric to the paper. Instead I found a video on how to piece clamshells with running stitch. I was all, “But… it’s just curved seams… I’ve done curved seams… WHOA.” Who needs papers?! So I cut a few out (using a handy acrylic template) and got to work.

Clamshell Plan

The quilt (sorry I couldn’t get a better shot of the inspiration one) is going to be made up of clamshell diamonds, each with the fabrics laid out in a mirror-image pattern. I think this whole running-stitch approach is working. I’m not convinced I’m being precise enough but, hey, what’s the worst that happens? I mean, it’s still clamshells. Made with running stitch! Sorry, I am not sure the novelty of that will ever wear off.

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5 responses to “Darla’s Done — What Next?

  1. This is kind of a dumb question, but what shape will the quilt be? I can’t picture it in a rectangle shape, but that’s how it will be, right?

  2. The clamshell? It’ll be rectangular. I’m going to square the sides. It’ll be like a quilt with the blocks on point (just like HJ) but with squared edges instead of set-in triangles. The plan right now is to attach the diamonds with a think sashing made of ribbon.

  3. greg

    I have that same Chippewa pattern in my collection, but I didn’t even recognize it here! It is amazing what a change in the color sheme can do. Yours looks amazing. Now I am wondering what it might look like in Kaffe fabrics from my stash. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Henrik Jane is looking awesome!

    Where is the video of the clamshells. Now, you have me interested. That too, is going to be spectacular. Happy New Year!

  5. greg, I think doing Chippewa with Kaffe prints is a GENIUS idea! When — not if! — you make that quilt, please send us a picture!

    Tram, here’s the video:


    That video is from some company that seems to sell templates that you print onto your fabric with a printer. Scary! I’m just tracing my acrylic template and sometimes marking the center point. I’m probably going to regret it later but whatevs! :D

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