Christmas Elves Were Busy

We recently decided to renovate our basement den to be used a more of a sewing room (and a potting shed, and a secondary living room, and an auxiliary pantry, and Boomer’s mudroom; it’s going to be a mega-multi-purpose room!) so I decided for Christmas, I’d give Boomer and Schnookie sewing boxes so they could have a second set of sewing tools downstairs. I picked out a cute blue paisley number for Boomer, and found a really cute vintage basket on Etsy for Schnookie. I loaded them up as best I could with sewing doodads (I went on three separate trips searching for needle threaders but had no luck, and was going to get scissors, but both of them went and impulse-bought new Ginghers just before Thanksgiving, those jerks!). They were missing one element though… Something handmade!


I made pincushions! I snuck around on my comp days and whipped these puppies up in total secrecy. (Well, sort of. I ordered roving from Jo-Anns and Boomer brought the box in from the mail. She reported to Schnookie that I’d ordered a box of air, so Schnookie figured out I was making pincushions. I have no doubt that she thought I was being all cool and fancy and making awesome felt pincushions. She was wrong. Heh.)

I made Boomer’s out of “Charlevoix”, by Minick & Simpson:

I knew Boomer loves the red, white, and blue look, so I picked one of my favorite florals from that line and paired it with a bold red stripe. I picked little stars and stripes for the backing, and actually (for once) was careful to cut the stripes nice and straight. I used a white button to finish it off. Happy stitching, Boomer!

For Schnookie’s, I tried to find fabrics that looked a little vintage-y to match the feel of her sewing box:

I can’t remember what these fabrics are, but we picked the ones for the front up in Dallas. I liked the unusual mustardy color, and picked a button that looked as close as I could find to the right tone. I didn’t have anything that matched really well for the backing, so I picked something in Schnookie’s favorite color, green. About a week after I finished this up, she announced she wanted to start making a scrappy quilt using lots of greens. I was so sure she’s pull the dandelions out of the stash and be all, “Why is there a five-inch hole in this cut?!” Happy stitching, Schnookie!

As for me, I was the lucky recipient of a stack of absolutely awesome fabric:

Christmas Fabric

(Sorry, this picture seemed like it was in better focus when I took it. Oh well.)

I love some many of the funky Japanese prints you see all over, but I’ve been too chicken to buy any, figuring it’s all heavier weight canvasy stuff. Good think Schnookie surprised me with a bunch on Christmas, because I’ve discovered some of it is, in fact, perfect for hand-piecing! This gorgeous stack includes: really cute Scandinavian-style Kokka prints, including an adorable pink-and-brown cheater cloth and one with sparkly elephants and camels; a stunning vintage-button print; some Eleanor Grosch whales (to use in my AMNH quilt); one of my favorite prints from 2010 — the Kokka Trefle carnival print; and two Alexander Henry June Bug bird prints that I’m just completely over the moon for. Thank you SO much, Schnookie! I think 2011 is going to be a phenomenal quilting year!

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