No, I Mean It, Darla’s Really, Really Finished

A few months ago, I posted that Darla was finished. What I should have said was the top to Darla was finished. She still needed to be quilted, bound, and washed. Well guess what’s happened since then?! Darla’s been quilted, bound, and washed! WOOOOOOO!!!

Darla Totally Finished

I met the long-arm quilter at Pennington Quilt Works after work one day, telling Boomer and Schnookie not to bother coming along for the big reveal. Back when we lived in Arizona, it was always so much fun to get stuff from the framer because everyone in the store would put what they were doing down to gather around and lavish praise on the piece and the stitcher; sadly the quilt store has not proven to be as ego-boosting. I figured I’d go in, pay for my quilt, and head on home. Instead, the quilter made sure everyone came over to see Darla! There were three separate show and tells for all the people who walked in after the initial showing off session! My ego was boosted to the stratosphere! Heh. The best part was when someone said, “So you make this quilt with chain piecing, right?” Every hour I spent hand-piecing the thousands of pieces that went into each block flashed before my eyes. My reply? “You should chain piece it, yes.”

Darla Finished in 2010

The main appeal of this pattern was that it was going to make a giant quilt. Putting the final binding stitches in, I was so excited to have a massive coverlet-sized quilt for my bed. I tossed it in the washer, tossed it in the dyer, then tossed it on my bed. Then I said, “WTF?!? It’s a doll quilt!!!” Seriously, it shrank like you wouldn’t believe. The quilting is very dense (and lovely; I seem to have neglected to take a close-up shot of it, but take my word for it, it’s swirly and intricate, and works really well with the girly prints) and it’s all cotton, so of course it shrank. But dang, it shrank A LOT. It was… a little depressing. Fortunately, though, in the last few weeks, it’s stretched out quite a bit. It is now, I dare say, perfect. I love it. I love that I finished it (big thanks to Schnookie for helping me out with the final stretch run), I love that it’s so girly, I love that the pattern is so fussy, I love the bright pink binding and the criss-cross of red gingham. I love it.

December 9 2010

Favre loves it, too!

P.S. I also finished another quilt this year that I realized I haven’t posted about. It’s not nearly as impressive as Darla, but I love it anyway. I whipped it up this summer to be a largish-quilt stand-in for Darla. It was a super-easy, super-fast (even with hand-piecing) free pattern from Moda Bake Shop. I used Kona cotton in School Bus for the sashing, and “Willow Orchard” by Alexander Henry for the blocks.

Bobo City

For such a simple quilt, it makes me inordinately happy! It has a scrappy binding using strips of the busiest print, so when I go to snuggle under the quilt, I see little flowers everywhere. Also, the quilter did an all-over pattern of fruit and it’s freakin’ awesome.

Bobo City Fruits Quilting

I’m ending 2010 on a high note as far as my quilts are concerned! Woo-hoo! Here’s hoping 2011 is as fruitful! See what I did there? Heh.

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8 responses to “No, I Mean It, Darla’s Really, Really Finished

  1. This was the best quilt made in the blogosphere this year.
    As an avid hand piecer, I am astounded. Everyone should have the satisfaction of making such a quilt and everyone should snuggle underneath one at some time in their life.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Awww, thanks, Tram! I think it helped that I decided to make this and hand-piece it before I had done a lot of piecing. Now that I can look at this pattern and recognize before starting it that it would be the biggest pain in the butt ever, I don’t know if I’d commit to it. :D Also, thank you for being the best encourager in the blogosphere! It’s so rewarding to get comments like this from a master quilter like you! Merry Christmas, and I can’t wait to see the mystery quilt with all the little berries — I’m putting my money on that one for “Best Quilt in 2011”!

  3. Sue

    Hands down…that is a stunning quilt. Even a person like me who has only dabbled in the actual stitching of quilting can appreciate the incredible amount of work that went into this. It’s of heirloom quality.

  4. Stunning quilt! Glad to know I’m not the only quilter to utter WTF from time to time, too.

  5. Thanks, Sue! I was thinking that this quilt is sort of the equivalent of a big sampler stitched entirely over one on 40 count linen — i.e. the kind of project one does once and only once in one’s life. :)

    Mosaicthinking, there is a ton of WTFing that goes on around here. Quilting just brings it out in us all sometimes, right? Er, I mean, my projects are always perfect all the time!

  6. Both quilts are amazing! I can’t believe all your tiny hand piecing work. Whoa. I also LOVE the fruit stippling! So awesome!

  7. pam

    Wow it turned out wonderful! Really really wonderful!
    Also love the fruity long arm quilting on the other quilt. Which is also pretty cool.

    Happy New Year!

  8. Thanks, pam! And yeah, the fruity quilting was such a fabulous surprise when I got it back from the quilter. I almost want to have fruity quilting on everything! :D Happy New Year right back at you!

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