Gift Exchange! WOOOO!

Yesterday we headed to Sarah and Paul’s for our annual Christmastime dinner and game night. It’s one of our favorite traditions of the holidays, and normally we target the first Saturday after Christmas for it, so we can still enjoy their wonderful decorations but can also exchange tales of our mad gift-giving skillz and be in a slightly more relaxed post-holiday-madness mood. Thanks to the dumb calendar this year, though, there isn’t a convenient non-New Year Saturday immediately after Christmas, so we had a pre-holiday game night instead. That meant that it marked the very first gift exchange of the season! WOOOO! Presents!!

As you can tell from her blog, Sarah is a prolific sewer; she makes the most beautiful aprons and clothing for her kids and jewelry rolls and zipper pouches and softies and just so many clever, lovely crafts… and pincushions!

Pincushions From Sarah

These are the wonderful dressmaker kind of pincushion, the sort you wear on your wrist, and they’re just the cutest design because of the flower petals all around them. Pookie claimed the pink and green one, because that’s her favorite color combination, and I claimed the Farmdale one, because that’s my favorite fabric. Basically, Sarah couldn’t have made these any more perfectly than she did.

Shortly before we left for their house, Sarah emailed me to say she was stressing out trying to decide whether to make one last surprise for us. It turns out she went for it, and it’s a good thing, too:

Snowman Potholder

What an adorable pot holder! Look at that snowman fabric! EEE! I can’t believe that she whipped this up in such a short time, because it’s just the cutest.

Meanwhile, we gave Sarah a snowman mug rug…

November 4 2010

(I can’t believe this is the only picture we’ve taken of these. We ended up making quite a few of them, for ourselves and to give as gifts, and seriously, this is the only picture? Man, that’s lame. Anyway, take my word for it that this is a cute mug rug.)

…and a felt-and-sequin chicken in honor of her Cornish Hen business venture.


I’m sorry I didn’t get a better picture of this apron-wearing hen, because I have to admit that I’m really proud of her. I didn’t know I could draw a chicken that actually looked like a chicken, let alone design one in felt that’s wearing a sequined, rickracked apron. I know that she’s gone to a good home!

It was, I think, a very auspicious kick-off to the gift-giving (and -receiving!) season; of course, we’re lucky to get to enjoy Sarah’s and Paul’s friendship, so wonderful gifts are a total bonus.

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5 responses to “Gift Exchange! WOOOO!

  1. Sarah

    I love the pictures you took of the pincushions and so glad you like them! You guys are just the gushiest, best, complimenters ever. I love my snowman mug rug and the Cornish Hen is awesome. I’ll be putting pics up on Sew Buttons, and I do have a nice pic of the mug rug. What a festive night! I expect a post when you make the “baked chicken”, too :)

  2. Schnookie

    You will be hearing ALL about the baked chicken when it happens. Heh heh.

    And I can’t wait to see the pics on Sew Buttons! I’ll try to be a gushy complimenter of my own work over there. :D

  3. KTG

    You guys all ROCK! I couldn’t help but think as I scrolled through this that you guys ought to be able to make a great living selling these fabulous items. (Maybe we could try to recruit Mags and open a shop?) Then I remembered that part of what makes such cute things so special is that we make them for one another because we care. One way or the other, I remain deeply in awe of the creativity and fine craftsmanship over there! Merry Xmas, Paul, Sarah, kiddoes, Schnookie, and Pookie! :)

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