Felty, Beady, Sequiny Nostalgia, In Tree Form

There are few things on this planet that make us happier than our “heirloom” (read: “in battered, tattered condition, because they were perhaps loved too well when we were children”) Bucilla Christmas tree ornaments.

Santa Ornament


Tin Man

Boomer made the three above either before we were born or when we were very young. As we got older and she began imparting her crafty knowledge to us, we used to regularly raid her sewing room to dig out the Bucilla ornament kits she had buried under piles of other UFOs. Many a giggly, preteened summer afternoon was spent dreaming of Christmas, still months away, while snipping out little pieces of felt and affixing sequins to them with tiny glass beads. Truly, nothing spells Christmas for us better than that.

In our adulthood, we have often stared longingly at the scant few Bucilla items at our local Michael’s and felt horribly depressed that they just don’t make those projects like they used to. There’s been a void in our lives where felt and sequins and holiday cheer used to be.

Enter: “Fa La La La Felt”. Making our beloved Hooters H. Puffnstuff gave us the chance to discover that it is very easy to create a felt project… and just add your own sequins. A couple of weeks ago we dove in and made our own Bucilla-esque creations:

Pookie's owl

Pookie’s owl

Schnookie's bird

Schnookie’s cardinal


Boomer’s cardinal

We shipped those three ornaments off to our friends at the Attic Needlework in Mesa to be included in their annual ornament auction to raise money for cancer research. And, um, we completely neglected to pimp the auction here… it’s over now, so if you were interested in bidding on any of the ornaments there, too late.

Anyway! The cardinals above were sort of self-designed, heavily modified from the “Fa La La La Felt” bird template, and, encouraged by my mad felt free-handing skillz, I decided the next project to tackle would be a Christmas tree. And behold! I am delighted with the end result:

Sequined Tree

Sequined Back

November 18 2010

Sequin Star

It doesn’t quite have that early ’80s Bucilla elan, but it’s getting closer. We’ve got a huge store of felt now, and buckets of sequins. The sky’s the limit, and our Christmas spirit is abundant!

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9 responses to “Felty, Beady, Sequiny Nostalgia, In Tree Form

  1. Sarah

    love it, love it, love it! First of all, Boomer’s cardinal rocks. Please tell her I said so. The tree is so sparkly and awesome. As I am a big fan of felt and sequins and the two together, I think I need you to tell me how to properly affix the sequins, because I would love to try my hand at that.

  2. Schnookie

    Boomer’s totally blushing right now, so she says thanks! And I say thanks, too! We can bring some felt/sequin/bead materials with us for our game night, if you’d like a tutorial. (It’s not hard at all. It’s basically just a case of threading the sequin and a tiny seed bead together, then bringing the needle back down through the sequin but not through the bead. Then the bead holds the sequin in place.)

  3. Mags

    Omywow. You need to stop doing this. I thought I was done with the Christmas decorating, but now I think it needs more felt.

  4. pam

    Wow that tree reminds me of the trees of my childhood.

  5. KtG

    I saw the first photo and thought, “Wait a minute, Boomer just said you’d pulled out the 12 Days of Xmas plates, but she said nothing about how you’d put up the TREE!” Then I realized that the photos of the heirlooms were archival footage and I was able to focus again, which is good, because then I was able to appreciate how AWESOME the new heirlooms are!!!! You guys–all three of you–have made FABULOUS new ornaments! Very, VERY nice job, all of you! I have to say, I think the rick-rack on the tree is especially touching–is it tinsel, or is it popcorn strands? Who cares, since it’s just darling. : )

    I’m so impressed at the Maple Hoo Creations! And since Mags and I are seeing holiday decorations everywhere now (it’s oliebollen time again, hoerah!!!) these fit right in with my world, notwithstanding the fact that it’s not even American Thanksgiving yet. : ) Keep ’em coming! I’ll want some for my tree too, of course, to complement the share of the heirloom originals in my own ornament box….

  6. I love the tree! I might just need to get into this felt/sequin/bead movement.

  7. Schnookie

    Wow that tree reminds me of the trees of my childhood.

    I’m so glad to hear it! Felt and sequins is what it’s all about, for totes. :D

    KtG, I think we can DEFINITELY outfit you with some new heirloom ornaments! I’m really jealous that you guys are all flooded with the Christmas cheer on your side of the pond, because I’m ready to just bypass Thanksgiving altogether and get straight to the good stuff. (And the white rickrack is supposed to be popcorn, with the red sequins on it serving as cranberries, of course. Attention to detail is the key to a true Bucilla. :P)

    kms2, this is the funnest craft! It’s quick and easy and totally adorable!

  8. Tram

    Childhood flashback!! Ornament kits were stockpiled by Mama Tram to keep me out of everyone’s hair. I guess it took. I’m never without a needle and thread for very long. Great job!!! The 2010 Heirlooms rock.

  9. Schnookie

    Ornament kits were stockpiled by Mama Tram to keep me out of everyone’s hair. I guess it took.

    :^:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I love how this seems to be a universal sort of experience for everyone here! Who knew that attaching sequins to felt was a rite of passage for little girls who would grow up to be obsessive needleworkers?

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