Pookie’s Works In Progress

So, I’ve finished Darla (maybe you’ve heard?) — now what? I have a whole slew of works in progress, none of which are screaming out to me, “Finish me! Finish me!” I’ve been puttering along on a bunch of them, waiting for inspiration to strike. But the ones that are highest priority seem to be Henrik Jane and Dalarnananana.

Henrik Jane (Sept 2010)

Pattern: Chippewa Nine-Patch by Minick & Simpson; Fabric: Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey

I thought Henrik Jane was really on a roll when I put those two blocks of nine-patches together. Then I looked at the pattern and realized I need to make 25 of those blocks. Sigh. But hey, once those 25 blocks are done, it’s all downhill from there, right? Right? I also discovered that I haven’t even cut up samples of all the fabrics to be working into the nine-patches. Me so smrt. I think I have the project on the right track now, though, as I’ve decided instead of making nine nine-patches and attaching them, I’ll make one 81-patch. I don’t think that will be faster, but at least it’ll cut down on the number of individual trips to the ironing board.

Dalarnanana (Sept 2010)

Pattern: Dalarna from Quiltmania; Fabric: Rouenneries by French General

Dalarnananana is like Henrik Jane’s total opposite. No bright colors, no square piecing, no shortcuts on pressing. In that respect, the two projects play very well together. I discovered, to my complete surprise, that Dalarnananana is actually a quarter finished! Who knew?! I have 50 of 200 blocks done! At this rate, it’ll only take me four years to finish it. That doesn’t seem too bad at all, really. Seriously, though, the problem with this project is that I go on binges where I make four or eight blocks in the blink of an eye and then suddenly, half-way through the next set of blocks, it’ll feel like pulling teeth. I don’t know what it is, if the color palette gets boring, or worrying about making all the points meet up is too exhausting, or what, but it happens every time.

Fortunately, there’s a project like Cheeky Dracula to distract me.

September 13, 2010

Pattern: Dresden plate; Fabric: Everything Halloween (heh)

There’s nothing dull about this puppy! I have four of nine plates constructed, and one appliqued to its backing. I have a feeling that if I buckled down and worked only on this, it would be done in no time. But I’m trying to hold off on it until the hockey season starts and it feels sufficiently Autumn-y around here. Also, I’m inexplicably terrified of what to do about the centers, since I think I need to use interfacing on the centers with white backgrounds. And I don’t know what I’m doing about sashing. This is kind of a flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants project, which is pretty fun and refreshing.

Another “I don’t really know what I’m doing” project is “Farmdale of the Dale”:

Farmdale of the Dale (Sept 2010)

Pattern: Flying geese-ish zigzag: Fabric: Farmdale, Bella solids (“Country Red”), and assorted prints

This is my first scrap quilt and my first self-designed quilt. I saw a really cool zigzag flying geese quilt on Quiltindex.com and decided it would be superfun to try. Then I saw Alexander Henry’s Farmdale line and feel head-over-heels in love. Then I looked at the shelves in the living room groaning under the weight of all the fabric I’ve bought in the last 2 years and though, “Man, I really need to start using that stuff up before buying new stuff!” So then it hit me — why not make a cool zigzag flying geese quilt using the adorable Farmdale apples and all kinds of autumnal prints from the stash? I’ve wanted to make a scrap quilt, but I know I have a terrible eye for color. I really wanted to make this quilt with lots of browns, even though the background for the apples is black. Fortunately, affirmation that a black and brown quilt isn’t a totally terrible idea came in the form of a gorgeous quilt in the background of a scene from “Dr Quinn: Medicine Woman”. I guess we can’t all find inspiration in cool places, can we?

Overall, I’m pleased with how Farmdale is looking, but it is a little stressful to not really know if it’s going to end up looking like the vision I have in my brain. I guess I’ll just have to keep plugging along with all those 3″ half-square triangles until I get more blocks done. In the meantime, I can dabble in less stressful things, like this confection:

Dolly Dresses (Sept 2010)

Pattern: ???? by Jo Morton; Fabric: Dolly Dresses by Holly Holderman

Thanks to the bubblegum pink in this, I’m calling it “Bazooka City”. This quilt is a joy to work on. The fabrics are adorable, the blocks easy-to-construct, the cutting painless. The only problem is I’m making the quilt larger than the pattern and I have a thousand-and-one fat quarters to use. I did the math in the beginning and think I have enough, but… Well, let’s just say I’m not totally confident in my math abilities. My favorite part of this pattern is the border of 6.5″ squares around the outside. I’m afraid if I cut up all the bits for the blocks, I won’t have enough for the border, and vice versa. I could just sit down and do the math again, but that seems like too much work. So, dabbling is all I’ll do on this one for a little while.

Speaking of stupid hang-ups, here’s Taffy City!

Taffy City (Sept 2010)

Pattern: Saltwater Taffy by RJR; Fabrics: Everything But the Kitchen Sink VI

This quilt is fun and easy and satisfying to piece, and I have a quarter of the blocks done, and I’m actively looking forward to having it and it’s 30’s charm on my bed, but… I haven’t cut all the white pieces yet. I’m almost out of the stash I’ve got. Cutting them is a total pain because it requires a template. ::heavy sigh:: I’ll have to do it at some point, but I’m thinking maybe over Christmas vacation, when I’ll have lots of other downtime to make up for the hours I have to set aside for cutting, tracing, and cutting again a billion white triangles and trapezoids.

Speaking of annoying cutting, it’s “Whirlygig City”!

Whirlygig City (Sept 2010)

Pattern: Whirlygig by Thimbleblossoms: Fabric: Simple Abundance by Bonnie and Camille (?)

I actually have made progress on this since my last report. I think I’ve attached four whirlygigs and made up four more. That’s progress! The fact that I still need to cut and make 4,000,000,000 more shouldn’t detract from that!

I have made no progress since my last report on either “Broken Dishes” or “Red Letter Day”:

Broken Dishes and Red Letter Day (Sept 2010)

I’m afraid Broken Dishes might be taking Darla’s spot as “The Quilt That Is Never Going To Be Finished”.

So, that’s where things stand (along with a Christmas scrap quilt I’ve technically stitched a little bit on and a slew of shared projects). So many fabulous projects to work on, so many ideas of what other projects I want to do, and so much excitement for the hand-quilting class we’re all taking on Sunday! Now if only I didn’t have to go to pesky old work and could just sit at home quilting all day long!



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6 responses to “Pookie’s Works In Progress

  1. Tram

    “I’ve wanted to make a scrap quilt, but I know I have a terrible eye for color. ”

    Uhmmm, no you don’t. You have a great eye for color as all your quilts attest to. Don’t second guess yourself. Can’t wait to see them in the next stages.

  2. I can’t wait for you to finish the Halloween/Dracula quilt! This weekend I thought of you guys when I stopped by Penzeys Spices. I thought I was only going to buy a couple necessary things, but I ended up spending waaaaay more than anticipated.

  3. Cathy

    I love your fabric choices and the blocks you’ve chosen to use. You have a great eye. Don’t give up on any of these quilts. They’re going to be gorgeous!

  4. Aw, thanks for the encouragement everyone!

    kms2, I hope you got good stuff!

  5. Wow! Very nice piecing! You are a pro!

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