Olde Timey Plowing! Yeah, We Are SO Cool!

One of the items on the Scavenger Hunt 101 list is “a beast of burden”. Maybe some folks would have difficulty with that one, but when we saw that all three of us said, “No sweat! We’ll just go to the Plowing Competition!” This is the third year in a row we’ve gone. The first year was the day after Schnookie gave me the Canon DSLR for my birthday, so we didn’t really know what we were doing and we had to share the camera. The second year, I took a polarizing filter I didn’t really know how to use and then tried to use a custom white-balance setting I really didn’t really know how to use. Needless to say, all my pictures sucked. So this year my goal was to not share a camera, not use a polarizer (even though the bright blue sky would have been perfect for it), and not take pictures quite as crappy as last year’s. I took the Lensbaby and the 15mm fisheye lens Schnookie gave me for my birthday this year (it’s like a super-wide angle 50mm — I’m in deep smit with the fisheye) and Schnookie took the 70-300mm lens. Here’ s sampling of the pictures we took.

— Pookie

Novices, Not Listening


B/W Mules

Composition In Horse And Barn

The Team Of Black Horses


Plowing Attitude

Mule Eyes

Fisheye Plowing



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4 responses to “Olde Timey Plowing! Yeah, We Are SO Cool!

  1. Sarah

    Glad it didn’t suck this year!!

  2. Tram

    You have never taken a bad picture. At least, this blog doesn’t have any evidence of one.

    Tell me there is a nice humane reason that there is chicken wire strapped on to those cows faces (or some bovine type animal). Probably the cows (oxen?) don’t feel any differently about the chicken wire than they do the yoke. There I go, anthropomorphizing again.

  3. Thanks, Sarah!

    Tram, that’s so sweet of you to say, but… No really, my pictures were AWFUL. They were all a strange color because I mis-used the white balance setting. It’s okay. I’ll get over it. Someday. Heh.

    As for the chicken wire, my unprofessional opinion is that oxen must get easily distracted by eating grass or something. The older oxen team had fancy leather muzzle-y things. This team was younger and being trained. Maybe they don’t invest in nice leather muzzle-y things until the team proves itself?

  4. Don’t feel too bad for the oxen with their chicken-wire muzzles — they were definitely getting the better of their farmer. That pair was not very well-behaved. Heh.

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