It’s Getting To Look A Lot Like Squee!

You know what I never thought I’d do in my lifetime? Finish piecing the top for Squee City.

Squee City

But WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I did it! Will wonders never cease?

I started this project last summer because I fell in love with Sheri Berry’s “Trick Or Treat Street”, quite possibly the cutest Halloween fabric ever designed.

Halloween Cats

I bought up a bunch of it, and then decided instead of trying to match it to some pattern we owned, I’d just “design” my own quilt — a nine-patch with black sashing. I don’t think that actually qualifies as designing something yourself, but I did draw the concept on graph paper, using colored pencils, so it at least felt like I was self-designing.

I thought this would be the perfect project for me, because there’s nothing I love more than piecing together 2.5-inch squares, but what I quickly learned from this project is that I hate, hate, hate making nine-patches. 16-patches? Rawk. Units of 24-square strips? Awesome. But nine-patches? Yawn. They’re so small and monotonous. They’re adorable and they look great, but man, they just drive me nuts. So when my fit of “it’s summertime and I want to be thinking of Halloween!” quilting energy passed last summer, I stuffed this away in a closet and intended to forget about it forever.

So fast forward to this summer, and Boomer’s return to her own supposedly-forgotten Halloween quilt project. When she started working on her quilt in earnest in June, I started to feel that seasonlonging pull, the desperate need to be working on a holiday-specific project. A girl can’t really justify buying a whole new Halloween quilt when she’s got one already substantially under way in a closet up her guest room, can she? Well, the shocking discovery I made in returning to Squee City was that it was A) closer to being half-finished than I thought, and B) exactly what I wanted to be working on. No, I didn’t find I liked nine-patches any more than I used to, but for whatever reason, it was right in my wheelhouse. In just about no time at all, the squares were all finished. Then I took a big stack of squares and sashing pieces to The Netherlands with me, and in just about no further time at all, there were long strips ready to be assembled into a quilt top. A few weekends back at home watching “Walker, Texas Ranger” DVDs later, the whole thing was coming together. I expected it to take forever, especially the little outer border of 2.5-inch squares, but with some assistance from Pookie (and a shift from “Walker” to “Simon & Simon” and “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”), a finished quilt top quickly appeared.

Squee City Border

I am insanely pleased with this. I think “Trick or Treat Street” is just the cutest fabric ever, and the Halloween jewel-tone colors — the hot pink and teal and sherbert orange — delight me. It’s far, far awesomer than I imagined it would be; I daresay my colored-pencil concept drawing didn’t do it justice at all. My plan now is to piece a backing for it, and then I’m going to — GASP! — hand quilt it. We’re taking a class at PQW at the end of September, and Squee City is so going to be my sacrificial lamb.

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9 responses to “It’s Getting To Look A Lot Like Squee!

  1. Sharon (Michigan)

    Fabulous!! and pieced by hand??? Awesome! I’ve been debating hand-piecing my Kaffe Lone Star, now I’m going to!! Love, love, love this!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Mags

    I’m going to — GASP! — hand quilt it.

    Et tu, Brute?

    Can I do the Mark Anthony speech? “Prints, Cottons, Fabrics, lend me your threads!”

  3. What a lovely quilt – the fabric is great!

  4. Well done on your quilt. If you didn’t use someone else’s pattern, you designed the quilt, even if it is a nine patch. That’s what I say anyway. You followed your own creative vision and not some one else’s.

    And one of the secret benefits of quilting is it lets you pull out those long-fogotten coloured pencils and start using them again. I just love that.

  5. Schnookie

    Thanks for the compliments, everyone! :D

    I’ve been debating hand-piecing my Kaffe Lone Star, now I’m going to!!

    Oooh, that one’s on my list of “someday” projects! You have to let us know how yours turns out!

    Can I do the Mark Anthony speech? “Prints, Cottons, Fabrics, lend me your threads!”

    :^::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Shakespeare makes our quilting hobby sound so much classier.

    If you didn’t use someone else’s pattern, you designed the quilt, even if it is a nine patch. That’s what I say anyway.

    Those are good words to live by — thanks! (And the colored pencils were totally a surprising benefit with this project. Coloring on graph paper takes a person right back to grade school.)

  6. Amy

    Ooh, that’s so cute! My favorite part is probably the outside border.

  7. Tram

    Fabulous! I am so excited about the hand quilting!! Keep us posted on all the progress.

  8. Sarah

    Looks fantastic! i love borders when they are made of little squares like that. That little masked cat fabric is just too too adorable. Well done!

  9. Schnookie

    Thanks, everyone! And Tram, you better believe we’ll keep you posted on the hand quilting. We’ll be here every day being all, “Ugh, this is AWFUL! Tram LIED to us!” :P

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