What’s Up With Pookie’s Quilting

So how goes the quilting?

In my last progress report, I bemoaned the lack of finished projects. Since then, I’ve helped finish one queen size quilt (Boomer did most of the binding, but I did contribute enough to say I helped) and one lap-sized quilt top, neither of which I have pictures of, and one queen-sized quilt top that I do have pictures of:

Bobo City

I’ve documented here in the past that all my bed quilts (all two of them, heh) are too short. I had a duvet and a heavy, queen-sized tweed blanket for the Winter that cancelled out that problem, but as soon as it seemed even remotely Spring-ish outside, I couldn’t deal with having them on my bed anymore. They were for Winter and Winter only! After a few nights of freezing my little toesies off, I said, “Dammit, I need a bed quilt that’s the right length!” (No, not “Dammit, I have to get my duvet out of storage!” — which, by the way, would mean picking the duvet up off the chair I tossed it on when I took it off my bed.) So I grabbed an easy queen-sized quilt pattern I’d seen on Moda Bake Shop (“Easy as Cake”, by Moose on the Porch), and grabbed the half-yard bundle of Alexander Henry’s “Willow Orchard” I’d impulse bought in January and got to work. 23 days later, I had a completed, entirely-hand-pieced quilt top. For someone who’s used to spending months on a quilt, being able to measure the time in days was just plain strange. But it should be big enough to keep my toes warm next time I decide in mid-March that Winter is over for good.

So 2010 won’t go down as a total failure quilt-wise, since I should be able to cross those three projects completely off my list before the end of the year. I won’t, however, be able to say I finished Darla by my birthday like I’d predicted in my last update post. In fact, I’ve barely worked on it at all since then. I started to futz with it two weekends ago but then discovered one set of strips is cut wrong and that successfully put and end to that futzing! I made up for it but putting in some significant work on Dalarnanana, including putting some of the blocks together.

Darlarnanana in Progress

I am over the moon for how this project is looking, but after a few weeks of steadily working on it, the colors were starting to seem too monotonous, so I put it back down again. My third in-progress bed quilt is Henrik Jane. Other than making a nice handful of nine-patches, it hasn’t progressed much, either. I just keep getting distracted by shiny objects, or at least the fabric equivalent of shiny objects. Like, say, “Dolly Dresses” by Holly Holderman.

I spent my Christmas gift certificate for Fat Quarter Shop on a bajillion fat quarters of Dolly Dresses, so I could make the High Cotton pattern from Kim Diehl’s “Simple Comforts” book. Every single project I’ve seen in this fabric line made me love it that much more, so for a few months while I was waiting for it to come out, I couldn’t stop thinking about how wonderful my life would be once I finally had Dolly Dresses to work with. So as soon as I finished the borders on my “Willow Orchard” quilt, I cut into it just enough to get a sense of the blocks I’d be making.

Dolly Dresses

Look! I finally successfully matched a print size to a pattern! It looks like it’s scaled to make sense! Woo-hoo! But… I think I have to tell myself I can’t work on it any more until I finish either Darla, Dalarnanana, or Henrik Jane. It’s been fun to flit from project to project after all those years of being the uber-disciplined “Threads of Fire” who only ever worked on one sampler at a time, but what I’ve been doing the last few months is pretty ridiculous. Some semblance of discipline is in order.

At least when it comes to bed quilts. Lap quilts? All bets are off, baby! I’ve only got to attach all 64 blocks of Racconsweet together.


It’s not really turning out how I thought it would when I chose Kona Banana as the solid color. I was expecting a bit more contrast between it and the prints, but oh well! I still adore the fabric line (“Frolic” by Wendy Slotboom), the pattern is also super fun (“S-C-H-Double O-L” from “Four Patch Frolic”), and will probably be one I revisit in the future (perhaps the near future when American Jane’s next line comes out this Fall) and I think the finished project will be a really fun quilt to bring out when the Spring fever is kicking in. .

Speaking of seasonal fevers, the Fall Fever was ratched up in the last few weeks. July and August were always traditionally the months during which I’d want nothing more than to stitch Prairie Schooler Halloween pieces, like this:

When Witches Go Riding Finished

So what’s a girl to do when she wants that Prairie Schooler Seasonlonging, but wants to be peicing? Why, she starts a Halloween scrap quilt, of course!

Cheeky Dracula City

I had a small stash of Halloween fabrics (including some that we salvaged from Boomer’s ancient basement stash) but I didn’t know what to do with them. Schnookie came up with the brilliant idea of using them to make a Dresden plate, so I snatched up some Spooktacular on mega-sale for the background and some Alexander Henry “The Ghastlies” to fussy cut for the centers. I think the result is hilariously awesome. It’s like Prairie Schooler to the nth degree. How much more Prairie Schooler Seasonlonging can you get? None! None more Prairie Schooler!

So that’s where I stand now. Two quilt tops done, one lap quilt about a month away from finishing, one seasonal quilt in full swing, and a new-found resolve to finish a fancy bed quilt sooner rather than later.

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5 responses to “What’s Up With Pookie’s Quilting

  1. Tram

    “Distracted by shiny objects”…..

    I’m glad you are. It’s so much fun to see all your projects in progress. That halloween quilt is a hoot, and Boomer’s stash sounds fascinating. Did you go to any Dutch quilt shops when you were vacationing?

  2. Pookie

    Boomer stash was a riot. We spent hours and hours painstakingly going through huge stacks of fabric. We found some really cool stuff (like a crazy shirtings print with sailors and anchors), some really pretty repros, a few more spicy gems (like a charm pack of that Urban Chicks line with the paint-by-number birds), and a lot of really awful stuff (like golden retriever puppies in Christmas stockings). Needless to say, great fun was had by all.

    As for vacation, we got to one Dutch quilt store — Den Haan and Wagenmakers. I’m thinking I’ll do a photo shoot of the spoils this weekend. It was FABULOUS. I made my promise to myself to not start new projects too soon! :D

  3. Tram

    Can’t wait to see the photos.

    Oh, the paint by number birds!!! I bought about a half a bolt of the birds with the turquoise background and there it sits on my shelf – just looking fabulous. I imagine it will be a back of a quilt one day. That was the best

  4. Sarah

    oh my goodness I just love the centers of your Halloween Dresden plates! Lovely. I think the Kona Banana is a nice yellow and I’m quite taken with the orange of your new quilt for your bed.

  5. Pookie

    Tram, I am so jealous you have so much of the paint-by-number birds! All I have is the four little 5″ charms. It was out of print when I got around to discovering it. (This whole “fabrics go out of print” thing is really messing with me! When I was a cross-stitcher, the materials I wanted were always available all the time. It’s so hard to balance thebeing fiscally responsible thing and the falling in love with every fabric line that comes out thing. Sigh. It’s so hard being me.)

    Sarah, wait until you see the rest of the Gorey-esque prints for the plate centers! They’re hilarious. Also, the Kona Banana is growing on me. Before laying it all out, it looked like it was going to be too subdued. Now I think it looks cheery and fun.

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