The Reasons For Our Happiness

It’s been a long time since we’ve done much of anything over here at IPB Living, hasn’t it? It’s been a strange month or so since our last post, full of lots of being busy and stressed at work, and then lazy and chilling out at home, while also on a bit of an endless blog vacation with the conclusion of the hockey season and the start of the World Cup. In short, the days come and go, and we don’t write anything about them. So, if just to document that we are, in fact, still alive, here’s a look at some of the things that are making us really happy this weekend.

Cake without a Slice

The cake we baked just for fun (from Bakers Catalog mixes), and decorated with raspberries we picked in the backyard!

Cheeky Dracula City

Pookie’s Cheeky Dracula City quilt, that’s fueling our Fall Fever!

Crabapple Leaves

Leafy green summertime foliage, despite our Fall Fever!

June 19 2010

The Dala horse bunting we made last weekend!

So, yeah — it’s the height of lazy summertime. But we’re neck-deep in quilt projects, noshing on cake, and watching the Argentina/Mexico game. Life is grand!



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10 responses to “The Reasons For Our Happiness

  1. Tram

    I have cake envy. Wow, that looks great! In my mind, the best cake is a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I await your review of these cake mixes. I am still looking for the perfect mix.

    The Halloween quilt looks wonderful.

    World Cup Fever has yet to catch on here in Tramville. I sort of was hoping for a Wimbledon/hand quilting afternoon, but Wimbledon coverage was pre-empted for local storm coverage. It barely rained, yet we were all subjected to an hour of radar blips. Hey, where was my 3 hour broadcast of “longest ever” and “most ever” Mahut/Isner superlatives?

  2. Schnookie

    The Bakers Catalog yellow cake mix is quite good, but not perfect. It’s a bit texturally weird — not that it’s, like, rubbery or anything, but that it strikes me as being dry even though it’s not. The crumb is nice, and the flavor is very nice (it’s pretty mild, and could easily be dressed up), but I can’t quite put my finger on how it rates on the moistness meter. The frosting is RIDONK. I could eat it with a spoon. I am not very good at making frosting, and as soon as I tried this stuff, I vowed never to make it from scratch again. I ordered a bunch more mixes to have in the pantry (and yes, a few more boxes of cake mix ended up in my cart as well… :D). So I give it two hearty thumbs up, even with the texture caveat. (Basically, the cake turned out being almost exactly like every yellow cake I’ve made from scratch. I have discerning baker friends with whom I could comfortably try to pass this off as homemade.)

    And I can’t BELIEVE you got shut out of Wimbledon coverage to watch blips on the radar! While you were trapped under your quilt and looking for sports programming, no less! What a travesty!! (Oh, and I want you to know, I’m currently working on about 15 different quilt tops, and with each one of them, I think “this is going to be the first one I try hand-quilting…” You’re a terrible influence on me!)

  3. Tram

    Chocolate frosting recommendation???? I am all over that. I will try the cake mix too. It’s my favorite cake combination and would love to have it ready to go on the shelf.

  4. Schnookie

    Well, it beats the pants off Duncan Hines, that’s for sure!

  5. pam

    all so yummy.
    now you have me thinking today I will sew my buntings. I appreciate the help with that believe me.

  6. Tram

    I just got my cake and frosting mix delivered from the Baker’s Catalog!!!! Boy, that was fast. So, they give the option of using half butter and half shortening (their recommendation) or all butter. I’m inclined to use all butter, but am confused. Any insights?

  7. Schnookie

    I used half-and-half, so if you go all butter, let me know how it ends up!

  8. Schnookie

    now you have me thinking today I will sew my buntings. I appreciate the help with that believe me.

    Have fun with it! My recommendation is to be cognizant of which direction the designs on the flags are facing. It never even crossed my mind to consider that when I put ours together, so now we’ve got an extremely random herd of Dala horses milling aimlessly around our mantle. :D

  9. Tram

    Well the cake is made (despite a little drama with the kitchenaid) and the first slices are gone. It is by far the best mix I have used. Even better then some scratch cakes I have attempted. The texture is interesting; a little dense, but moist. The frosting is wonderful. But….. my frosting looks a bit different than yours. I used the recommended combination of butter and oil for the cake mix. I used all butter for the frosting as I didn’t have shortening on hand. It tastes great, but my frosting is kind of a strange hue. It is greyish brown. Not the most appetizing color. We will just eat it with our eyes closed. Why my frosting is a different color is a mystery. Maybe some strange water chemical thingy?? It sure is yummy, though.

  10. Schnookie

    I’m so glad you made the cake, although I’m sorry about the kitchenaid. Heh. Anyway, you’re right about the texture — it being dense but also moist. I’m intrigued by your greyish-brown frosting, though. Maybe next time I’ll use all butter and see if the same thing happens. But I’m REALLY glad it was delish! Thanks, Bakers Catalog, for not making a liar out of me! :D

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