Your Intrepid Photographers

This Monday marked another in our continuing adventures of procuring travel visas for Schnookie’s bosses. The bosses may see it as Schnookie being an uber-admin, but really it’s just an excuse to go into NYC and take cool pictures. In this case, our subject was the USS Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. We’d been there before and had taken some pictures on the flight deck (including the undisputed Favorite Shot of 2009), but this time, rain kept us confined to the lower decks, but that didn’t stop us! Here are some of our favorite shots from our trip.

April 26 2010

Keep The Ship Afloat

Another Call From The Aircraft Carrier

People Of Earth

Star Medal

The Anchor Room

Red Light On Mint Green

Us Taking The Intrepid Very Seriously

Schnookie Posing With A Camera

Fighter Jet

The entire set can be viewed here.


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2 responses to “Your Intrepid Photographers

  1. Tram

    All wonderful pictures, but that patch! With his cute Popeye arms the the tattoo! It looks hand stitched. Patch envy here.

  2. Schnookie

    Oh, the Popeye patch was just the tip of the iceberg. There were tons of really marvelous ones, all super-detailed like this one, and they all definitely looked hand-stitched. It was my favorite part of all the exhibits. Just magnificent. :D

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