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All The Latest In Quilting By Schnookie

Now that we’ve had an update from Pookie about her quilting, it only seems fair to share with the world the wonderful projects I have going. In the last two months I’ve finished a couple of projects, Blodd Money City (which is now quilted, bound, and washed, and will have a post of its own one of these days) and Chinese Takeout (which is getting quilted now), and participated in the completion of KtG’s birthday quilt. Finishing quilts is great, but it always leads to a feeling of being a bit adrift. You get all deeply into the stretch run of a huge project, and then suddenly you’re back to itty-bitty bits and pieces and figuring out the pace of a new project. So what I’m trying to say is that I’m dabbling right now.

Bananatanagram City

The project that looks most impressive, but which I’m working on the least, is Bananatanagram City. This is my big Happy Campers project, which I will be working on for the rest of my life. The pattern is from American Jane’s Quilts For All Seasons: And Some For No Reason, and while it would work quite well as a scrappy stash-buster, I love American Jane’s Happy Campers too much not to be all matchy-matchy about it.

B'gram City Close-Up

The pattern, as American Jane ones often do, calls for strip piecing by machine. Puh-lease! It’s so much funner just to cut a bajillion little parallelograms and hand-piece them one by one. Also, slower. Like I said, this is going to take me the rest of my life.

Moving along a bit faster, but just as Happy Camper-y, is my 16-patch.

Happy Campers

Way back at whichever market it was that Happy Campers debuted at, I saw a picture on some blog somewhere of the American Jane booth, and there was this adorable 16-patch hanging in it. I snipped that picture so I could just stare at it for the weeks and weeks and weeks before the fabric was released. I heart it so much. I feel like the 16-patch just fits the sassy retro summertime vibe of the fabric so well, and because I happened to have ordered so much of the fabric (and love making 16-patches — it’s weird, actually. 9-patches annoy the hell out of me [but are super-cute], but 16-patches are a total blast), I’m making this quilt semi-reversible. There will be Happy Camper 16-patches all over the front and the back, and it’s going to make me squee every time I look at it.

I had built up a little head of steam on the 16-patch project when I first finished off Blodd Money City’s binding, but then something else came along that stole my heart.

Beaks Street.

The pattern for this is a free download from McCalls Quilting, one of the Vintage View patterns — Philadelphia Pavement. Of all the possible “putting bunches of little squares together” patterns, I adore trip around the world quilts the best (I doubt I’ll ever love a quilt project as much as I did Squaresville). So when I saw this one, I had to have it.

Beaks Street Overhead April 10

I decided I didn’t want to pick colors that would look all faded and antique-y, but I still wanted to do a solids-only quilt project. Thanks to Pookie’s prudent purchase of a Kona Cotton Solids color card, I was able to pick just the tones that I thought would make this vibrant, like a vintage quilt would have looked on the day it was made. Then half my colors were backordered. Gah! I couldn’t wait! I picked tones that weren’t quite what I wanted, figuring a bird in hand was worth more blah blah blah. And then those colors were backordered. Thank heavens we went to Columbus while I was waiting on my second-choice gray fabric, because we found the original choice at Sew To Speak. Woo hoo! Thanks to Pookie’s recent vacation, she was able to get everything cut, and now I’m plugging along, happy as a clam.

Beaks Street Aslant

Six strips down, 94 to go!

Our other big project right now, and the centerpiece of the Quilt Factory efforts here in the not-quite-early-summer-yet, is Pies & Tarts (& Beaks & Farts).

Pies and Tarts BOM

I spotted an ad for Quilting By The Bay‘s block-of-the-month for this project ages ago, and fell into a deep swoon. Pookie quickly followed suit, as did Boomer. We figured we could share in the effort, and then, when the quilt is finished, share in the final results. We’re not sure yet how that’ll work out, but the splitting up the work is going great.

Pies and Tarts In Progress

This is our first stab at paper piecing, and dude, it is so much fun. We’ve made the pies for the first month’s shipment, and will wait on the smaller tarts (which go between the pies, on the corners of the squares) when we have more fabrics to mix up. Now, as for the fabrics…

The Ugly Cat Fabric


The palette of this quilt is what really attracted us (along with, of course, the pies and the tarts), so we were psyched to let Quilting By The Bay pick the fabrics for us. What we didn’t expect was that there would be goofy tone-on-tone navy blue cats included. Some of the fabrics are hilariously not even remotely what we would choose for ourselves, but that’s part of what’s so great about this project. It’s scrappy and beautiful and sneaky spicy, and have I mentioned yet how fun it is?

So that’s the state of my quilt pile. I’ve got a couple of other projects whose tires I’ve been kicking, but this is the nutmeats of it all. I think I’m in a pretty good place for launching into a long, Walker, Texas Ranger-filled summer of quilting.

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