We Take The Most Exciting Vacations: Part 2

Before heading out to Columbus, we took an evening to explore the restaurant options around our hotel. In the process, we discovered that there was an exciting — dare we say, exotic? — destination right around the corner from our home base for the trip. Just seeing the name of the destination on the map was enough to make it an essential stop. It was, in fact, so essential that even after the exhausting trip to the Franklin Park Conservatory, we had no choice but to muster up the energy to walk the two blocks to the…

Central Ohio Fire Museum! WOOOOOO!!!!

Fire Museum Facade

Okay, okay, before you decide we’re too dorky to speak to us ever again, hear us out. Item number 72 on the Scavenger Hunt 101 list is a fire engine. Pookie found one right away, but Schnookie was having a tough time finding one. And there were sure to be fire engines galore at the Central Ohio Fire Museum, right? Right!

Steam Powered Fire Engine

We had intended to zip in, get some cool shots of old fire engines, and then book it back to the hotel to finish up the heated best-of-five cribbage battle we had going (okay, now you can decide we’re too dorky to be friends with). The people who run the fire museum had other ideas. They pounced on us the minute we got in the door — actually they saw us walking down the street with our cameras and rightly assumed we were headed their way which allowed them to pounce on us before we even got to the door — and sucked us into to taking a tour. This was, needless to say, not what we had in mind.

However, it turned out to be pretty interesting. Not long after the start of the tour, an active fireman and amateur historian on vacation from Chicago (yup, he was there to see the hockey game, too) joined us, and as result, we ended up getting some cool insight into how things have changed for modern firemen. We learned fun facts like why fire plugs are called fire plugs, why cities like Columbus had professional fire departments before NYC, Philly, and Chicago, and what the “hook” in “hook and ladder” is for. And when the tour ended, we had plenty of time to fulfill our original goal of taking a few pictures.

And Schnookie got her Scavenger Hunt picture. And then Pookie kicked her ass at cribbage. It was a great way to end a fabulous vacation.

Fire Alarm Box

Fire Ladders

Brylin the Fire Man

Ye Olde Hand Pumped Fire Engine

Ye Olde Fire Museum Lamp

Rainbow Firehat

It's Where We're At

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3 responses to “We Take The Most Exciting Vacations: Part 2

  1. hg

    Well don’t leave me hanging – what does the hook do? I’ve always wondered.

  2. Pookie

    It’s for pulling down burning walls. I guess in the olden days they didn’t really expect to be able to put out a housefire, but instead focused on making sure it didn’t spread. So they’d pull down the burning house with the hooks. The things you learn when you go on nerdy vacations!

  3. hg

    I assumed that was the purpose of the hook. Thanks for confirming, o fellow nerd! :-)

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