The Seasons Are A-Changin’

Whoa! What’s that under the rapidly melting snow?

Peeking Out From Under Cover

Yeah, there under the locust tree out front.

Crocus Challenge by Pookie

Can it possibly be already??

Look At Them Growing!

Woo hoooo!!!! Crocuses!!!!

Crocus Challenge by Pookie


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5 responses to “The Seasons Are A-Changin’

  1. Mags

    WOOOO! Springspringspringspringspriiiiing! That’s fantastic news :D

  2. hg

    I walked home from work today and the breeze felt warm for about 7 seconds and I gasped aloud!

  3. Schnookie

    HAHAHAHA! Yeah, that first 7-second warm breeze is such a stunner, isn’t it? I was all confused the other night after going to bed, because I felt uncomfortably warm. It took me FOREVER to realize that the problem was that I don’t need all my winter blankets on my bed anymore. (I’ll be damned if I take them off, though. I just opened a window a crack. :P)

  4. Amy

    Your shot of the ice is gorgeous.

    And it was 40ish here today. I drove around with my car window open. It was heavenly.

  5. Schnookie

    Thanks, Amy!

    And this weather is just DELIGHTFUL, isn’t it? I’m so glad you’re having driving-around-with-open-window temps up in Buffalo. We’ve had them for a few days, and today I was able to walk around the grounds here at Maple Hoo without a jacket, and it was perfectly comfy!

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