7 More Days of 365

Last February was when the real doldrums of 365 started to take their toll. We weren’t really happy with any picture we took at this time last year, and figured this year wouldn’t be as bad. Funny story… Turns out February is just a really tough time of year for wanting to take pictures every day.

February 15

February 15 2010

We stopped at the Pennsylvania welcome center on our drive home from Buffalo, and were charmed by the design there, including the glass-block wall inside the wall of picture windows along the bathroom. Who knew there were such nice bathrooms along the drive home from Buffalo?

February 16

February 16 2010

There are signs of life! Maple Hoo Garden ’10 is well on its way! Our first onion sprout has sprouted!

February 17

February 17 2010

I had to walk between buildings at work today, and totally cracked up when I walked past the forsythia thicket where the stray cats all hang out and saw the way they’re getting around all this snow. The branches of the rambling shrubbery have made a pretty nice igloo roof for them, and it looks awfully snug and dry under there, and the best part is this little sun deck they’ve got. This calico was all buddhaed in the sun when I first walked past, suspended by the twiggy branches over the pristine snow below. She got a bit antsy when I came back with my camera, but ultimately the appeal of being suspended, dry, above the ground was greater than the fear of the person with the camera, so she warily stayed put. I figured this would be a great cautionary tale for our cats. Next time they complain about living here, we can just show them this picture and remind them how easy they’ve got it.


February 18

February 18, 2010

A small ad in a quilting magazine caught Schnookie’s eye a few months ago. It featured an awesome quilt covered in little circles. She Googled the ad and discovered it was for a block of the month called “Pies and Tarts”. Needless to say, we signed up that instant. The store said the bom would ship in February. Between signing up and Feb 1st, we all got increasingly revved up for the project, wondering why the heck it hadn’t come yet when it was already Febraury 2nd! Finally it arrived on the 18th and since we were SO psyched for it, we started it right away. It’s done with English paper piecing (a new technique for us) and so far it’s fabulous!

— Pookie

February 19

February 19 2010

I left work kind of late today, and would have been really cranky about it, except when I was walking out, the sun was setting gorgeously on the snow. Where the sunbeams hit the snow, it was the color of pink lemonade, and everything else was falling into dusky shadow. And about five minutes later, it was gone.


February 20

February 20, 2010

Thanks to our cross-stitch, needlepoint, and quilting habits, we have threads in literally every color of the rainbow. So we kind of think going with thread is a bit of a cop-out for sixty-four colors. However, there are extenuating circumstances this week.

You see, we let our sister select a quilt for us to make for her, and true to KtG, she picked something full of purples. She is very much a purple person. We are not. Heh. It’s been a fun project, though, to get to work with fabrics and patterns that are so outside our norm. And, last weekend in Buffalo, the final borders were attached, with purple thread, of course. So on our drive home on Monday, we excitedly checked our iPhones to see what this week’s color was… and it was the exact match of our thread! What are the chances?

Today we staged a photo shoot of it. This might just be the last time we use purple thread in a quilt.

February 21

February 21 2010

The clematis in the back yard looks spidery and spooky, all dried for the winter.


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7 responses to “7 More Days of 365

  1. Tram

    Gosh, I could go on and on about your pictures. Better than anything I see on line.

    The purple quilt intrigues me. Can’t wait to see the photos. I’m not a purple person either. It was very gracious of you to submerge yourself in it for your sister. English Paper Piecing!!!! isn’t it great! But what I really want to know is what am I looking at in the banner?

  2. Pookie

    Aw, thanks Tram! The banner is a picture of a fan that Schnookie shot at the Metropolitan Museum. The little plaque describing it was very into the fact that it’s covered in spangles.

    I am so loving the English paper piecing. I want to paper piece everything! I don’t have to draw any seam lines! Woo-hoo!

  3. hg

    I, too, am covered in spangles.

  4. Sarah

    the pink snow is gorgeous!! I also love the glass blocks. It is not at all evident what they are until you read the description.

  5. KTG

    Maybe a little purple is good for all of us? :)

    Hey, btw, Schnookie–do you remember the orangey-pink ribboney tape-and-fluff scarf you knit for me all those years ago? I got a compliment on it today at the hair salon (so the compliment comes from someone with taste) from a lady who raved about a) how cute it was and b) how great it went with my complexion. She didn’t comment on the green and white tam I was wearing that you knit for me, the one with the snowflake/poinsettia pattern above the band…but I still get compliments on that from pretty much everyone else all the time.

    So, good thing that you not only got your purple 365 photo taken care of, but that the mainly purple quilt also includes some of that same salmon-ey color as the scarf and probably also at least a swatch or two of the army-colonial green as in the hat, since you clearly know what’s best for me, despite my purple mania.

    Thanks again to both of you for all the hard work on my fabulous birthday quilt!!!!

    (And hey–February is ALMOST OVER! — And hmm… doesn’t that mean it’s s almost time for my *next* b-day present!?!)


  6. Schnookie

    Oooh, thanks for reporting back on all the compliments you get on my mad knitting skillz! ::blushes:: Basically, as a team, we’re the bomb-diggity, aren’t we?

    And wait, your next birthday present??? I think it’ll be, like, a table-runner. :P

  7. You have another sister? Who knew? I’m not sure why that surprised me, but it did.

    Can’t wait to see the purple quilt. I tried paper piecing and forgot all about it. Hmmm…

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