Garden Update: The Early Edition

Hey, remember how we got all excited to start our 2010 planting a few weeks ago? Remember our imbolc lettuce? Well, the last few weeks have not been kind to the garden.

Garden Under Snow

Lettuce? Are you under there? Can you hear us?

Yesterday we finally dug a path through all the melting mountains of snow into the garden to see what was going on inside the still-buried cold frame. And while it’s certainly been warm the last week, that has meant little to the lettuce.

Imbolc Lettuce Growing

No matter how much you squint, you still won’t see lettuce in there.

But while the lettuce is decidedly not cool, the pattern of melting snow in the shadows of the fence is at least kinda neat.

Not Melting Evenly

It’s hardly a vegetable growing, but it’s still sort of fun to look at.

So winter’s proving to be a bit of an obstacle in our “let’s start the garden outdoors in February!” plans. We can admit defeat on this one. The whole imbolc concept is apparently a huge scam. But it’s not too soon to start the garden indoors. Check out our onions!

Onion Seedlings

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we can’t wait to eat that monkey.

We planted them last Thursday, before heading up to Buffalo, and saw the first signs of life on Monday. Now, a bit over a week later, they’re all green and perky and thinking good thoughts about growing into strong, hearty onions. And before much longer, they’ll be joined by pepper seedlings. We’re gearing up here at Maple Hoo!

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2 responses to “Garden Update: The Early Edition

  1. Tram

    I am humbled by your agronomy. The shadows are very cool. All of the snow here is almost gone, but we are expecting another “blizzard” tomorrow. We shall see. Does appliqueing pears and green peppers count as gardening, cuz that is actually what I am doing right now – that and watching the Canada/USA hockey game.

  2. Schnookie

    I don’t envy you your incoming “blizzard” (I think we were supposed to get one too, but now they’re saying it’ll just be rain), but I am jealous that all your prior snow has already melted. I think our snow’s still going to be around in July.

    Meanwhile, appliqueing pears and green peppers TOTALLY counts as gardening! Sure, it won’t be as tasty in the end as planting them would be, but the end result will last much longer. :D

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