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Crystal Delicious

This past weekend we took the scenic drive up to Buffalo to see our friend Katebits and her new house. The plan was to hang out, watch the Olympics, eat a lot of junk food, then do all those things while also hanging out with Heather, then do all those things some more while also hanging out with Amy and mcguffers. In other words, it was going to be a big, bloggerly get-together at Katebits’s fabulous manse.

Before we hit the road, Katebits emailed us to inform us that the menu of junk food for the weekend was expansive, and that she had also stocked up on alcohol. When we arrived, we discovered more delicious vittles than the mind can comprehend, a fridge filled with Diet Coke, a healthy number of bottles of wine, and a brand-new bottle of orange vodka. So, over the first of what would be many meals of wine and junk food, we had a long, wide-ranging discussion of the fortunes of the Sabres and the Devils, and a brief discussion of how there was nothing in the house other than Crystal Light to mix with the vodka.

We ended up drawing two conclusions: the first is that Crystal Light is probably a perfectly cromulent mixer, and the second is that the Sabres’ robot scout, Short Circuit, is probably not the most qualified NHL scout, but is endlessly hilarious. In honor of the robot of the hour, we invented a brilliant new cocktail.

Short Circuit

The Short Circuit: Bleep bloop!

Fill a glass with ice. Mix orange vodka, pink lemonade Crystal Light, and fizzy water to taste. Stir. Quaff deeply and often, in the very best company. Life is exceptionally grand.

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