Marshmallow Deck


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8 responses to “SNOW DAY!

  1. hg

    Please send some here! I believe an insulated cooler would work well in the post.

  2. Schnookie

    Wait, you don’t have as much snow as we do? How is that possible???

  3. Tram

    It’s so pretty after a big snow. We had about 7″ here. Just enough to cover all the dirt and mud, but not enough to really cripple us. Everything will be back to normal tomorrow. All the beautiful snow is SO getting me in the mood for the Olympics.

  4. Schnookie

    Ooooh, it is really Olympic-esque, isn’t it? And I just love those 7-inch snowfalls, that make everything pretty. You’re so lucky!

  5. hg

    I know! It’s ridiculous here. The roads are bare. The sidewalks are bare. All the snow we had melted down about 80% and then froze so we have lots of ice. Winter schminter, I say, bring on spring for once.

  6. Schnookie

    Oooh, that’s when winter is really gross, when it’s just icy. What a bummer!

  7. I just love that shot. It’s a very artful arrangement on the deck.

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