Hunting Season Is Now Open

We’ve waxed poetic on this site about how much we love Project 365, but sometimes, you need a little extra inspiration for what to take pictures of. Enter “Scavenger Hunt 101“! I stumbled upon this Flickr project when some random stranger mentioned it on a picture I posted, and the project just screamed, “this is a great way to beat the January-March 365 doldrums!” The deal is, someone posted a list of 101 items to find, ranging from “your favorite color” to “Winter” to “a waterfall”, and you just post them when you find them. There’s no time limit, and no pressure. There’s a really nice mix of things that will be super-easy to find (“your bed”, “construction equipment”), things that will get you thinking (“an interesting view”, “a boat without a motor”) and things that seem nigh on impossible (“someone praying”, did I mention “a waterfall”?). So we all signed up (Boomer included) and, boy has it been a shot in the arm! Suddenly, all of us are constantly fixating on what we can find where. The other day I had to go to an off-site meeting and instead of resenting having to drive somewhere new, I instead used it as a scouting mission for “a billboard/sign” or “a locally owned store”. Boomer found herself driving all over town after her volunteering session this week because she’d had ideas about “an abandoned building” and “a flying machine“. Schnookie turned the irksome chore of taking down the Christmas tree into a fun photo-shoot when she remembered “your broom” was one of the list items. We’re Scavenger Hunt fiends!

We thought we’d share some of our pictures as we cross the items off our lists. (Unlike Project 365, Schnookie and I are each doing our own Scavenger Hunts. So it’s totally a competition. And I’m totally losing because I’ve only taken two pictures!)

January 5 2010

#14: A Locally Owned Store, by Schnookie


#6: Winter, by Schnookie

Sweeping Needles

Item #35: Your Broom or Vacuum, by Schnookie

January 2 2009

#72: A Fire Engine; by Pookie

Green Light Sunlight

#73: A Sunrise; by Schnookie

Construction Equipment With The Crazy Lens Flare

#70: Construction Equipment; by Schnookie

Hell Toupee

#59: A Billboard/Sign; by Pookie

Sugargum Puddle

#7: A Puddle; by Schnookie

Rusty Hinge

#68: Something Rusty; by Schnookie

Three weeks into this open-ended project, we’re both having a great time. You’ll notice neither of us has found that waterfall yet, but I’m confident I will soon. In fact, I’ve pretty much decided that I’ll find everything I’m looking for when we go to Columbus later this year. Because Columbus is totally known for it’s waterfalls, right? Right?

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3 responses to “Hunting Season Is Now Open

  1. Sarah

    Oh my goodness, first the sixty four colors, and now this? I have enough projects to last the next few years! I would love to do this! What a fun challenge. I’m thinking waterfalls-in parks, aquariums, and my favorite-when you look at a brook or even run-off from the road or a pipe, and imagine tiny fairies seeing it as a giant waterfall. (Did I just expose myself as a flaky daydreamer??)

  2. (Did I just expose myself as a flaky daydreamer??)

    A little bit! :D You should totally do the Scavenger Hunt starting now! I’m already thinking I’ll get a bridge and a water source up at your river. And needless to say, I’ll be hitting Clark and Tabitha up for shots of kids laughing and crying. (I’ve been stressing that neither of them has cried when we’ve been up for dinner lately. They need to work on that.)

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