The Dog Days, Photography-Wise

We’re now neck-deep in our second Project 365, and what we’ve learned conclusively is that the stretch from January through March is rough for taking pictures. There’s nothing easy around the house like a Christmas tree for reeling off quick, pretty pictures, and there’s nothing growing in the yard, and there’s barely any sunlight when we’re home, so lighting is a major issue. We end up relying on shots on our ways home from work taken with our point-and-shoot cameras more often than not. This is the doldrums. I mean, from January 6 through January 11, we took five pictures of food, two of them sandwiches! Pickin’s are slim this time of year.

So how do we address this problem? By posing a mini photo challenge, of course! Periodically through the year, we stage “work challenges”, where we spend a week taking pictures walking to or around work with a rotation of lenses, to shake ourselves out of our ruts and start looking at the everyday world with different perspectives. (Here’s Work Challenge I, and here’s Work Challenge II.) This past Thursday, the challenge was a little smaller: our respective parking lots at work. Or, more specifically, what we could see from the driver’s seats of our cars. Sometimes you just have to give yourself an assignment, however dumb, and see what happens.

Red Dumpster And Parking Lot

By Pookie

Parking Lot

By Schnookie

Begloved iPod

By Pookie

Parking Lot Tree

By Schnookie

Filthy Windshield

By Pookie

Object In Mirror

By Schnookie

I Call This "Here's Looking At You"

By Pookie

Parking Lot Snowpile

By Schnookie

Parking Lot View

By Schnookie

They might not be photos for the ages, but at least there’s some sunlight in our photostream now! And we had fun using the nice cameras for a change, instead of our point-and-shoots. Success!

Even better than the parking lot challenge, though, was Pookie mustering up the courage to pull over on her way to work to get a shot of this:

Hell Toupee


[Posted by Schnookie.]



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2 responses to “The Dog Days, Photography-Wise

  1. hg

    Is my understanding correct in that when the hairpiece becomes detectable, the man would then take it in for servicing?

  2. There’s no other reading of it that makes sense!

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