This And That In Stitches

The life of a hand-piecing quilt blogger can be a little dull because unlike our machine-piecing fellow bloggers, we aren’t finishing projects at a rapid rate. We’re left with two options: neglect our poor little blog like we did all summer or post pictures of unfinished quilt tops. Flush with the success of the Stump De Noel, we’re saying no to the first option, so option number two it is! Here, in all it’s unfinished glory is Schnookie’s “Blodd Money City”:

Blodd Money Outside

Blodd Money City as of January 1

The pattern is a housetop, log-cabin-y affair from Kaffe Fasset, it’s made with French General’s Rouenneries, it’s about two-thirds complete, and it’s driving Pookie nuts with jealousy for how much prettier it is than any quilt she’s ever made. There’s something about these fabrics that just makes them increasingly beautiful the more you look at them, and there’s something about this elegantly simply pattern that accentuates that. It’s true a machine-piecer would have had this done in a weekend, but a project as gorgeous as this one should be savored.

Blodd Money Aslant

More Blodd Money

Yes, we do keep writing “blodd”. Ages ago some blowhard sports writer made that typo and our friends and I decided it was a much funnier-sounding word than “blood” and it stuck. When Schnookie started making good money on the side selling her blood at work, she realized her plasma donations were covering the cost of this impulse-bought quilt. The rest is history. (Pookie: Dangit! Why don’t public libraries pay for blood? I want free quilts, too!)

In other, less beautiful project news, Pookie completed another seasonal sewing caddy, this time in bright, clown colors to brighten up wintertime sewing.

New Years Sewing Caddy

Clown Town Sewing Caddy, 01/01/10

It’s… not as nice as Blodd Money City. Heh. It also not as nice as the prior two sewing caddies. Pookie still hasn’t bothered to get nicer stuffing material to make it a functional pin cushion, and also neglected to press the seams before attaching the outer tube to the rest of the caddy, but it serves its dual function of keeping spools of thread in place and of looking adorable in winter sunshine, so it’s all good. (It’s made, by the way, with some of the cheater cloth from Jennifer Paganelli’s “Dance With Me” line.)

And last but not least, we’d like to use this space to write a belated thank you note to Santa! He read our letter and found extra time on his busy present-delivering schedule to drop by Maple Hoo.

California Dreamin' Fabric

Fat Quaters of California Dreamin’

That’s right, the fine folks at Fat Quarter Shop chose our letter to Santa and sent us a gorgeous fat quarter bundle of Jenean Morrison’s “California Dreamin'”! It’s such fabulous fabric and it’s going to look especially good in the scrappy Dresden plate we’ve decided should be somewhere in the massive Maple Hoo quilting pipeline. And this was just weeks after Pookie won a charm pack of “Wee Play”, one of American Jane’s cutest lines, from Sewing in the Wendy City, a fabulous quilting blog. Thanks, Wendy!

All in all, it looks like we’re on a roll, both with our projects and our winning ways. We should probably pack up the quilting supplies and head out to Atlantic City, but instead, we’ll continue to sit on the couch with needles threaded, hoping our lucky ways will rub off on our NJ Devils.



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6 responses to “This And That In Stitches

  1. Tram

    Hand Piecing! Yeah! How can we ever convince machine piecers how wonderful it is to sit on the COUCH, with our feet UP, relaxing, watching a hockey game on t.v., and still be able to piece a quilt. People just don’t know what they are missing. It really is looking great. Again, great fabric choice/pattern choice. I am a little closer in deciding how I will use my Rounnerries fabric.

  2. I keep trying to point out those advantages of hand piecing to the crowd at our local quilt store, and they’re always like, “Oh, I can machine piece in the room with the TV!” How can they be so obtuse? Like you said, we’re talking COUCH, with feet UP, able to HEAR THE HOCKEY on TV, maybe with a cat in the lap to keep you warm. It’s so much snugglier and cozier! Those people have no idea what they’re missing.

    And thanks about the quilt. These fabrics are just SO fantastic — I can’t wait to see what you’re inching closer to deciding to do!

  3. What a beautiful quilt! I love those shades of red.

  4. Ava

    Your quilt is amazing!

  5. Thank you so much, Emilee and Ava!

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