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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas — In Quilt Form

One of my favorite things about cross-stitching was making quick little seasonal pieces, especially Christmas stuff. When I started quilting I thought I was going to have to give that up because surely no one was out there making fun, funky, and beautiful seasonal fabric, especially not Christmas fabric. Surely all the Christmas fabrics would be either boring calico reproductions or cheesy puppies in Santa hats. Well, Gentle Reader, it turns out I was basing this idea on my experiences of the kinds of fabrics Boomer had in her stash (in her defense, I think the puppies in Santa hats was included in a scrap pack of slightly nicer stuff) and not based on the fabrics available to me. It didn’t take much time for me to discover there is, in fact, a wealth of awesome Christmas fabric just waiting to be made into festive quilts! Upon making this discovery, I decided I must have a Christmas lap quilt to drape over my footstool on Christmas morning when I do the traditional “divvying up of the presents for opening”. And upon seeing “Have a Sheri Berry Holiday”, I decided that quilt must be retro, sassy, and cute.

Have a Sheri Berry Holiday

“Have a Sheri Berry Holiday” fabrics designed by Sheri Berry

It was around this time that I saw Elizabeth Hartman’s “Sawtooth Star” pattern on Sew Mama Sew. The stars were a perfect fit for a Christmas quilt, the pattern looked easy and fun, and Kona cotton was on sale. Perfect! Also perfect? I realized I had twice as much fabric as I needed, so I was able to offer to make an extra for Patty (in Dallas), who has impeccable taste in retro stuff (check out her vintage school clock collection in her blog header!). I got down to work in July, made two stars, and then… got distracted by other stuff. As is my wont. Sigh.

Anyway, something possessed me to get back to it at the end of August and then Schnookie asked to make a few stars, and then before we knew it, we were splitting the work 50-50 and ripping through both quilts at a rapid rate! In fact, it was such a rapid rate, we got them both pieced and handed off to Mary the Long-Arm Quilter before her Christmas deadline. There was much rejoicing! (And by “much rejoicing” I mean, there was much starting of new projects because that’s what you do when you finish one project; you can’t just go back to the same old UFOs!)

The Sheri Berry Christmas Star Quilt

It snowed just to give this quilt an appropriate background! Honest!

I could not be more pleased with the final result. It’s so Christmasy, so retro, so fun. It looks especially good in both snow and by the light of the Christmas tree. And it seems warmer and more festive than any other quilt I’ve made. It’s like it has everything wonderful about Christmas quilted right into it!

The pattern allowed for lots of fun with the fabrics, as some stars are solid, some have a solid center with different points, and some have alternating points with four-square centers.

Santa Star 1

Santa? Is that you?

Ornament Star

Love those old-school ornaments!

I bound the quilt in one of the blue fabrics with tiny snowflakes, and backed it an exuberant print of circles. (Patty brilliant chose the pink with blue snowflake-y stars for her backing, and it looked extraordinary. I bound hers in the same small snowflake print, but in pink.)

Deer Star and Backing

In just three days, I’ll find out if my dream of stacking presents on a footstool draped with this quilt will be as awesome in real-life as it seems in my head. But until then, I’ll just sit here snuggled under my awesome Christmas quilt. And then after Christmas, I’ll start thinking about what I can do with Sheri Berry’s next Christmas line, “12 Joys of Christmas”… Maybe presents will be better stacked on top of two star quilts…


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