Dear Santa, c/o The Fat Quarter Shop

Dear Santa,

We’ve been ever such nice quilters this year! Remember when we got started on quilting projects and then could have abandoned them in favor of newer, better projects? Well, we didn’t! (OK, we didn’t always. But we must have finished a solid 10% of the projects we started! That’s nice! [Cut us some slack, Santa. Are you saying the elves always finish what they start? Didn’t think so.]) Remember when we had only the binding to go on quilts to give friends while newer, prettier projects sat on the stash shelves, singing their siren songs? Well, we actually did finish the binding first, and mailed out quilty presents to friends! That’s very nice! And remember all those times we could have stalked the UPS man, following him all around town, just because the handy parcel tracker told us boxes from Fat Quarter Shop would be arriving? We were very good and didn’t scare the kind UPS man; instead we just waited just inside the door looking at our watches wondering what was taking him so long.

Because we’ve been sooooooo nice, we’re asking you to add one little thing to your sleigh this Christmas. A fat quarter bundle of Shirtings 1875-1900. We’d really love to make an all-shirtings quilt and this would be the perfect kick start to that dream.

We promise we’ll leave you milk and cookies, as well as some carrots for the reindeer!

Hugs and Kisses,
Liz and Eleanor (aka Schnookie and Pookie)

P.S. If that fat quarter bundle is too big to fit in your sleigh, we want you to know that we’d be happy to get a fat quarter bundle of the fabulous California Dreamin’ instead!


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5 responses to “Dear Santa, c/o The Fat Quarter Shop

  1. Pam

    How could Santa say no? By telling him exactly what you want and where to find it you made it so easy, plus I will agree that you all were very good elves this year! I know the siren call of new fabrics well ~ Happy holidays – may they be merry and bright and full of fun fabric!!

  2. Pookie

    Happy Holidays to you, too, Pam! I’m hoping Santa finds it in his heart to say yes to this request, but I understand that Santa got a lot of wish letters! :D (Wasn’t that a creative thing for the fine folks at Fat Quarter to set up?)

  3. I love the shirting fabric. Come on Santa!!!

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