Happy Quiltaversary To Us!

It was exactly a year ago today that we were bitten by the quilting bug, thanks to a quick trip to Pennington Quilt Works to buy a charm pack for Boomer for Christmas! What a fateful day! We’ve both been stunned by how fabulously fun quilting is. A year ago we were IMing furiously, sending links back and forth to all the different lines featured on moda.com, and dreaming about how our lives would be so much newer and better once we were quilting. And year later, quilting has fulfilled all those dreams and more! Here’s a quick run-down of all the quilts we’ve completely finished (there are two more quilt tops finished, and a duplicate Christmas quilt is not pictured because it was sent to Dallas before it was photographed), including “Ugly City”, which had the final stitches put in place this very evening. We apologize for the poor focus on Ugly City and the Christmas quilt, but hey, it’s 11:30 on a Thursday night, we can’t be bothered to find better light to photograph them in! To make up for it, we’ve tossed in a few of our favorite quilting-related photos. It’s a nice added bonus that quilting is a fun hobby to photograph!

March 1 2009

Nest, made by Pookie

Jellygirl Finis

Jelly Girl, made by Schnookie

Merry Go Round 1

Merry Go Round, made by Pookie

June 7 2009

Prairie Gothic, made by Pookie

May 31 2009

Squaresville, made by Schnookie

Midwest Modern

Midwest Modern, made by Schnookie

Magic Carpet Finished

Magic Carpet, made by Pookie

Sheri Berry Sawtooth Star

Christmas Quilt, made by Pookie and Schnookie

Ugly City Bound

Ugly City, made by Schnookie (with some help from Pookie and Boomer)

December 14 2008

MGR Folded

December 6 2009

Snowflake Quilting


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17 responses to “Happy Quiltaversary To Us!

  1. Sarah

    That’s so nice that you can pinpoint a date! I adore Prairie Gothic and Magic Carpet. The Christmas quilt looks lovely-I still haven’t cut into my fabric! It will definitely be a Christmas 2010 project. And really? A snowflake on the wintery scene? That is just too fabulous and heartwarming. What a nice touch. Do you keep your house very cold now so that you can drape yourself in quilts?

  2. Pookie

    That’s so nice that you can pinpoint a date!

    Isn’t it? Thanks to Gmail for archiving the epic moda.com IM session! :D

    I really love the snowflake quilting the quilter chose. It’s so perfect! And yes, the house is waaaay snugglier with all the quilts!

  3. Tram

    Congratulations on your Quiltiversary. A question about the Prairie Gothic – I somehow missed this pattern and fabric. Is it Jane Sassaman?

    And Jelly Girl – that is in Tanya Whelan’s fabric, isn’t it. I LOVED that line – and it isn’t really me, if you know what I mean. I’m not usually that girly, but that collection rocked. I think it was the grays that did it for me. Keep posting pictures. You two are an inspiration.

  4. Pookie

    Yes, Prairie Gothic is Jane Sassaman. It is sooooo cool in person. I think it’s all about the striped sashing. :D That quilt was my first attempt at fussy cutting; as you can tell by the not-entirely-centered bugs and flowers, I need some more practice. Heh.

    And yes, Jelly Girl is Tanya Whelan’s “Ava Rose” line. Schnookie said the same thing — “It’s not really me but I love it!” That’s how I feel about Tanya Whelan’s “Darla” line. There’s something about the colors that make the big girly flowers seem fresh and exciting rather than girly and sweet. Jelly Girl frequently makes me stop what I’m doing and say, “Gosh, but that fabric is gorgeous!”

    You two are an inspiration.

    Awwwww! Well, I gotta say, one of my favorite things about finding quilting is finding such cool people online who have a passion for quilts and fabric! Coming from a decade of cross-stitching (which has no online presence), it’s been really refreshing to find such a vibrant online community of quilters. I have no idea how I would have survived the last year of work without being able to spend all my time reading quilting blogs and gazing adoringly at pictures of fabric and pictures of other people’s studios. Someday I’ll have a quilt studio that looks like Happy Zombie’s instead of just a dining room table covered in cutting mats. :D

  5. Tram

    Ooooh, Happy Zombie’s studio. I’m with you there. Hey, you know I actually met Happy Zombie before I read her blog. She gave me her business card that said “Happy Zombie” and I just said “uh-huh”. Not. Getting. It. Then…. I found her blog. Needless to say, I wish I could take back that first meeting. When she told me she knew PamKittyMorning, I should have known. PKM is more fun in person than she is in blogdom.

  6. Pookie

    She gave me her business card that said “Happy Zombie” and I just said “uh-huh”. Not. Getting. It.

    :^::::::::::::::::::::::: That’s awesome. I would so love to meet PKM. Or Anne from Bunny Hill — her blog cracks me up.

  7. Sue

    Can I just say…Wow!!!
    They are all fabulous and Nice work.

  8. Pookie

    Thanks, Sue!

  9. Schnookie

    Thanks for the kind words, everybody! I have to say, I’m just so pleased with this quilting adventure. It keeps yielding end results that were better than I hoped!

    And Tram, I am exactly the same way about the girly prints. Not normally my thing, but “Ava Rose” just completely grabbed me. And I love how ridiculously, over-the-top girly my finished quilt with it is. I can’t decide if it’s the grays that make it work so well, or how almost over-the-top the pink and aqua tones are. Either way, it’s one of my all-time faves (which, admittedly, isn’t saying a lot, really, when “all-time” means “a year”… :P)!

  10. pam

    Oh I’m loving all your fun quilts! Really nice work!

  11. Pookie

    Thanks, Pam! That means a lot coming from a blogging celebrity like you! :D

  12. I can’t believe how whole-hog you guys jumped into this and that you stuck with it and completed so many quilts in just a year! I mean, I can believe it, but given how frequently I adopt new crafts and then get sick of them after a few months, I really admire your dedication. And they’re all so gorgeous. I was going to try to tell you which ones I like best, but it’s tough – because some I just love the colors, and others I like more for the patterns themselves. But mostly – congrats and I can’t wait to see more :)

  13. Pookie

    Aw, thanks, elizabeth! It was easy to stick to because we both have long histories of knitting and stitching. So it wasn’t really like picking up an all new craft. Just mostly new. :D But, I will admit I’m shocked with how quickly I became completely overcome with how awesome quilt fabric is. And how that initial, “OMG, I must see every pretty fabric ever made!” excitement hasn’t subsided at all.

  14. Pamela S

    Happy quiltaversary! I started quilting about the same time and Pookie and I both made a Nest quilt. I enjoy watching you both master the art of quilting and get inspiration from your flickr pix. Each quilt you created is a beauty ~

  15. Pookie

    Pam, I was thinking the other day how funny it was that we both started quilting at the same time with the same pattern! So, really, it’s happy quiltaversary to you too! It’s been super fun seeing where quilting is taking all of us; here’s to another fabulous year of fabric and quilts!

  16. Don’t make me pick a favourite. Oh. Okay. The Christmas quilt by Pookie & Schnookie. Phew!

    Also, I don’t mean to brag or anything, but Happy Zombie’s coming up to Vancouver for the Olympics and I kind of have a date to meet her.

    I KNOW! Exciting, right??

  17. Pookie

    You’re going to meet Happy Zombie?! I can’t imagine the collective coolness of Carol Browne and Happy Zombie in the same place at one time. You’re going to create a coolness black hole!

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