Challenging Ourselves At Work

To break up the summer doldrums, Schnookie and I decided to have a “Take Your Camera To Work” week, or as we called it, “The Work Challenge”. Every day we would each bring a different lens (or camera — we included the PowerShot and Ricoh as options) to work to photograph what we saw and then we compared results. We discovered that Schnookie’s 2-mile walk to work:

Tuesday by Schnookie

and my 6-block-radius walk around town:

Monday by Pookie

are very, very different. But we also discovered that it was super fun to push ourselves to take the extra effort to either get up early to take photos before work (Schnookie’s workplace is a bit of a grinch about taking pictures onsite, those jerks) or to explore a fascinating town that seems unwelcoming. We decided almost immediately that we would have to redo the Challenge in Autumn to see how different things looked. So last week we partook in Work Challenge II!

Work Challenge II was just that, a challenge. There were difficult shooting conditions (stupid getting dark at 4:30!), troubles with lenses (poor Schnookie ended up under a giant flock of starlings with only the 100mm), and thwarted plans (I was all set to park at a gold-domed church to get some fancy magic-hour light only to discover it was overcast and the parking lot was closed), but there were also perfect shooting conditions (literally just after dawn magic hour light), lens successes (wide angle lens, meet the Moon Motel sign), and unexpected opportunities (who knew running errands after work would lead to being in the right spot at the right time for one of the best sunsets in ages?).

Here are a handful of our favorite photos from the week; the rest can be seen here.

Tuesday by Schnookie

Tuesday by Schnookie; 10-22mm

November 16 2009

Monday By Pookie, 10-22mm

Monday by Schnookie

Monday by Schnookie; 100mm

Tuesday By Pookie

Tuesday by Pookie; 100mm

Wednesday by Schnookie

Wednesday by Schnookie; 18-55mm kit lens

November 19 2009

Thursday by Pookie; 18-55 kit lens

Monday by Schnookie

Monday by Schnookie; 100mm

November 18 2009

Wednesday by Pookie, 18-250mm

November 21 2009

Saturday by Pookie; Ricoh R8

November 17 2009

Tuesday by Schnookie; 10-22mm

Monday by Pookie

Monday by Pookie; 10-22mm

Tuesday by Schnookie

Tuesday by Schnookie; 10-22mm


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2 responses to “Challenging Ourselves At Work

  1. I love that you guys have done this, and it’s really awesome to see those first two photos again. It’s amazing that your workplaces (while just on different sides of the same small state) are so very different visually. And challenging ourselves to use equipment we aren’t inclined to pick up is awesome.

    Who’d think that hobbies like this, ones that we enjoy, require so much motivation? Why do I need a project to force myself to use my film cameras? Or to take pictures at all? Who knows…. but perhaps embracing the need for projects like this is all we need to do.


  2. It is really funny to think about hobbies that require some sort of get-up-and-go that way. I mean, photography and stitching and gardening and cooking are all things I do to relax, and yet… I want them to challenge me. How weird. (Meanwhile, I hate when my job challenges me. I think my priorities are backwards.)

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