No, We Haven’t Forgotten About This Blog

We’ve been neglecting IPB Living lately, and for that we’re sorry. We’ve had a good reason though, we swear! Our fabulous friend Patty (in Dallas) was here for a full week of hockey games and photo excursions to New York City, Princeton, Philly, and Ocean Grove. Patty taught us a new trick for processing our photos, and much fun was had by all. Here are a handful of our favorite photos from the week; the rest can be seen here.

October 19, 2009

Princeton University

Sculpture Bokeh

Rockefeller Center, NYC

October 22 2009

New Hope, PA


Grand Central Station, NYC

October 21 2009

Ocean Grove, NJ

Open Gate

Philadelphia, PA

The Commodore's Accusing Hand

Philadelphia, PA

Empire and Lamppost

New York City

Grand Central Ceiling

Grand Central Station, NYC

Favorite Fence with Fall Leaves

Philadelphia, PA

Action Seagull

Ocean Grove, NJ

October 23, 2009

Philadelphia, PA


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8 responses to “No, We Haven’t Forgotten About This Blog

  1. Tram

    These are fantastic photos! Really! (deep shame for the lame photos I take) Did you go antiquing in New Hope? Is that the flatiron building? Isn’t Grand Central Station the most inspiring place? What in the hell are you drinking?

  2. Thanks, Tram! And I love the photos you take (particularly the autumn ones in your latest post)!

    We did go antiquing in New Hope because Patty’s an antique shopping expert! We got a fabulous Pyrex bowl and some cool circus art for Boomer’s bedroom and some really cute handkerchiefs.

    That isn’t the Flatiron building, but it sure looks like it; we didn’t walk that far downtown. I looooooove Grand Central. It’s shockingly fun to take pictures there, too. I love going from the cramped canyons in the streets into big open interior spaces like Grand Central and the foyer of the American Museum of Natural History.

    As for what we were drinking, it was a cocktail called “One Fish Two Fish”. It was Bacardi Razz, Blue Curaco, lemonade and Sprite, topped with Swedish fish. I ordered it because it was the most photogenic-sounding drink on the menu (although it was also delicious).

  3. We got that crazy cocktail at Jones Restaurant in Philly, and while it was delish, the real winners were the dessert cocktails. Pookie got a “Daddy’s Root Beer Float”, which was vanilla vodka, root beer, and cream, and I got a “Betty Crocker”, which was vanilla vodka and creme de cacao with chocolate shavings on top. I think those drinks were the highlights of our entire week. :D

  4. Wow, your photos are incredible! Very nice.

  5. hg

    Forgettors! Forgetters! Somethings!

    When I book my trip to Maple Hoo, are those sights included? Aaaaaaaand….. I think you two are amazing!

  6. Thanks, Denise!

    HG, you better believe these sights will be included when you come to visit!

  7. Mags

    Patty taught us a new trick for processing our photos

    What is it? I wants pretty pictures too!

  8. The trick Patty taught us was how to add soft light in Photoshop. If you’d like a tutorial, Mags, just shoot us an email — it’s a bit more involved than I think I can explain in a comment here (while I’m at work :P). I think she said she learned it from Pioneer Woman. It’s such a quick, easy step, and has totally reinvigorated my photography!

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