Where’s The Statler Cake?

The scene: our local grocery store, after work the Tuesday after Labor Day. It was a long day, and I wasn’t terrifically engaged with the task of meal planning for the week. As I wandered the aisles absently, out of the blue I was struck by the strangest inspiration. I needed to make Waldorf Cake.

September 12, 2009

Back when I was in high school and first started cooking, my one resource was our tattered old Betty Crocker Cookbook, fondly known in our household as “Betty The Crock”. When I was feeling especially fancy and ambitious, I decided to make this Waldorf Cake, which is an angel food cake filled and frosted with chocolate whipped cream. Yeah. Super fancy.

Waldorf Solid

Unlike when I was a kid, I made this angel food cake from scratch. I used the “Dessert Bible” recipe, which I’m too lazy to recount here. That said, I’m never above using angel food cake mix; that stuff is delish.

Waldorf Hollowed

Once the cake’s all baked and cooled, you lop off the top about an inch down, then hollow out a trench around the whole cake, leaving 1-inch walls. The best part about it is that you then get to eat all the tender angel food cakemeats that you’ve removed from the center.

Waldorf Filled

The chocolate whipped cream is nice and straightforward, just three cups of whipping cream, 1 1/2 cups of confectioner’s sugar, 3/4 cups of cocoa powder, and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Whip it all up, fill in the trench, try to pack out the air bubbles, then place the top back onto the cake.

Waldorf Topped

Once the top’s patted onto the cake, you frost the whole kit and kaboodle with the whipped cream.

Waldorf Frosted

This cake is hilarious and delicious. It seems so delightfully Sandra Lee to be cutting tops off angel food cakes and slathering it all with whipped cream. And today was especially fun because as soon as I mentioned it to Boomer, she wondered aloud whether this was the cake her aunt made every year for her cousin’s birthday. Any cake that brings on a wave of “growing up in the ’50s in the Midwest” nostalgia is a good cake in my book.

Waldorf Sliced

I am so glad I made this today, because I feel like I’m 16 again and inordinately proud of my mad baking skillz. I should break out Betty The Crock a bit more often to try my hand at silly retro desserts. Ambrosia, anyone?

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12 responses to “Where’s The Statler Cake?

  1. How fun! What a great idea.

    I love this whole retro baking thing I keep seeing. I need to pick something out of my grandma’s old cookbooks. Unfortunately, they’re so old, they’re practically incomprehensible. :D

  2. Sue

    OMG! My Mom used to make that back when I was knee high to a grasshopper. She used to make a mocha frosting though…mixing in probably a mix of Taster’s Choice (it was the late 60’s) and small amount of water. Yum!!!!!!! Thanks for the memory.

  3. Tram

    I am unfamiliar with this beauty. Yum! Retro indeed. We had a retro food thing going on here too this week. Retro salad. A wedge of iceberg and homemade 1000 Island dressing. That and a loaf of Italian bread was dinner 2 nights running , and you can’t get much more Midwest then here.

  4. that looks ridiculously good!

  5. Unfortunately, they’re so old, they’re practically incomprehensible.

    HAHAHAHA! And yeah, that’s a bit of a problem. The other good thing about retro cookbooks is the ingredients that no longer exist. We were very puzzled by some of the things Betty the Crock was asking us to use, and she’s not even that old!

    Sue, I’m so glad we could help you trip down memory lane! That’s so cool that your mom used to make this! I have to say, adding a bit of coffee flavor (maybe, um, espresso powder now instead of Taster’s Choice…) is a great idea.

    Tram, you’d have me tripping down memory lane with a wedge of iceberg and 1,000 Island dressing! And homemade 1,000 Island? Fancy! I thought we were swanky when I was a kid for having it out of a jar instead of a bottle! :D

  6. I think “hilarious and delicious” is the most apt description. It’s very Sandra Lee, but you’ve added like 10,000 more steps to it than she would do. (And thus it probably tastes 10,000 times better than hers.)
    We used to have 1000 Island dressing from a jar, not a bottle, when I was a kid too. Marie’s?

  7. oops, That comment was really from Sarah, not Paul. Didn’t realize he is logged in.

  8. I just have to tell you real quick that I thumbed through one of my grandma’s cookbooks as soon as I mentioned it. It had to have been her mother’s because the date is 1905. She was only 5 then.

    Anyway, one of the recipes is for stuffed beef heart! First step? Remove the ventricles.

    I don’t think I’ll be making anything from that book. :D

  9. We used to have 1000 Island dressing from a jar, not a bottle, when I was a kid too. Marie’s?

    Absolutely! That’s the TRUE 1000 Island dressing, right? :D

    Patty, I can’t believe you didn’t make stuffed beef heart for us when we were in Dallas. What kind of friend are you? (I would LOVE to see that cookbook. I bet it’s full of all kinds of horrifying stuff like that!)

  10. Cakemeats? Ha! Love it. And yummers on that cake. A trench filled with chocolate whipped cream? Hellz yah!

    I’m with you in the angel foodcake from the box thing. It’s the only cake I make from a box. That batter is darned tasty. Really.

  11. I could eat boxed angel food cake mix with a spoon. I am SO crazy about that stuff!

  12. hg

    I am making this cake as we speak.

    Well, not really but I was thinking of everyone’s reactions if I whipped this out the next time we get together with Mr.A’s family. They would be ASTOUNDED! :-) I have had a request for biscuits though so that’s on tap this weekend. Whoo!

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