Our Picture-A-Day Habit

WOO HOOO!!! We did it! From August 23, 2008 to August 22, 2009 we took a picture every day and posted it into Flickr. What we’ve been left with is the easiest-to-maintain diary of a year we could ever hope for. As you’ve probably noticed from reading IPB, Gentle Reader, we don’t live the most action-packed lives. We’re both in our 30’s, we’re both well-established in our jobs, we own our house, we don’t have kids… basically, life is a straight, unwinding road for us. Looking back on this past year, we’ll remember the big events without prompting. There were the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Opening Night), we voted for a new president, we visited our friends in Dallas for the first time, and in sadder times, our grandmother passed away. But thanks to Project 365 we don’t have to go far to find reminders of all the little things that made up our year. We learned a new hobby, started new projects, and finished them (as well as these, and this, and this, and this, and this). We hung out with friends. We harvested the end of one garden and planted another. At work, we went to all-day trainings, completed big projects, got raises, commuted, and watched the seasons change. We each had a perfect snow day (here’s Pookie’s and here’s Schnookie’s), a perfect not-road trip, and a perfect vacation. We had two of the best days ever. And the single bestest day ever. In other words, it was a year worth remembering.

As much as we knew we loved the idea of having a diary of the year, we were both hesitant to start Project 365 because we were sure we weren’t good enough photographers. Then we read some sage advice from a seasoned 365 participant: 20% of the photos you take will be really good, 20% will be truly awful, and the rest will fall somewhere in between. Turns out that person was right. We did end up with mostly average photos, but a few notable ones stand to us as being our best and our worst photos.

The Five Best

November 1st, 71/365

November 1 2008

December 15th, 115/365

December 15 2008

April 29th, 250/365

April 29 2009

July 27th, 339/365

July 27 2009

August 21st, 364/365

August 21 2009

The Five Worst

September 17st, 26/365

September 17 2008

September 25th, 34/365

September 25 2008

October 3rd, 42/365

October 3 2008

March 27th, 217/365

March 27 2009

May 28, 279/365

May 28 2009

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8 responses to “Our Picture-A-Day Habit

  1. Sarah

    What a wonderful year! Isn’t it great to look back at a year in pictures? We’re in the thick of creating Clark’s 4th birthday movie and I can’t get over the pleasure of looking at a whole year in pictures, chronicling events both big and small. Your five best pictures really are lovely. You ought treat yourselves to a bound book of your favorites! Or notecards! Your five worst, um, yeah.

  2. Sarah

    p.s. I’m so flattered my favorite air hockey photo of me and Pookie made into a link! (you know the best part of it is that you called me the “tommy of air hockey”). It makes me excited for Christmas fun again!

  3. Sarah, I love, love, love, love, love that air hockey picture! It never fails to make me excited for Christmas (and to see what awesome gifts you and Paul can think up that Pookie and I will then get for Boomer in May for Mother’s Day. Heh). I feel like that’s such a perfect example of why it’s so fun to do something like Project 365 — that’s the kind of day that you really want to be able to look back at.

    And by the way, you are the Tommy of air hockey!

  4. oh my goodness, congratulations on finishing!!! that’s the best feeling EVER, and I totally agree, having one picture every day is the most wonderful way to be able to look back on the year. The photos you’ve linked to are stunning, and you two have become crazy, crazy talented photographers. Gonna stick around for another year? :)

  5. Aw, thanks so much, elizabeth! And thanks for being the best 365 inspiration a kid could ask for! You better believe we’re sticking around for another year. Since there are two of us, it should take us twice as long to get to where you were toward the end of your Year 2, right? So… check back in toward the end of our Year 4 to see how we still feel about it… :P

  6. Sarah, I was looking at that air hockey picture the other day and thinking that we might need to make an annual tradition out of us coming up for game night the first Saturday after Christmas! That was so much fun! (Even if I’m most distinctly not the Tommy of air hockey.)

    elizabeth, thanks again a million times over for inspiring us and encouraging us to do 365. It was so much more fun, and more educational, and more fulfilling than I ever expected!

  7. Douglas

    Your five top photos are very nice. The flower (photo no. 3) — is that what it is, a flower? — is beautiful. Did you see the photos taken from the Hubble space telescope this week? http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/hubble/multimedia/ero/index.html
    It’s remarkable how extraordinary-looking some of the smallest and largest objects can be.
    I wouldn’t include the shopping-carts-in-the-garage photo among your worst. I think it’s pretty good.

  8. Thanks, Douglas! And thanks for the link to the Hubble photos. Those pictures are just amazing.

    The flower in photo #3 above is a dandelion, so I guess its flowerness is kind of in the eye of the beholder. Heh. And I’m shocked that you like the garage photo — we actually intended that one to be awful! I guess we should have worked harder! :P

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