Quilting Progress Report: Schnookie Edition

I have been on such a productive quilting spree lately that I’ve been terribly remiss about stopping and actually documenting it. In the seven weeks since I finished Squaresville (and there will be an extensive photoshoot for it, I promise), I’ve pieced the entire top of Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern quilt (and didn’t take pictures of it because it had some serious issues that I’m hoping will be less apparent when I get it back from Mary the quilter) and started some serious inroads on projects about which I am extremely excited.

A Stack Of Progress

Every evening I shuffle through my stack of boxes before deciding which project I want to focus on. It can be difficult to choose. I love them all too much!

The most noticeable project I’m working on right now is Ugly City, the kit of wild Kaffe Fassett prints that shouldn’t work together but somehow do. When I say that it’s the most noticeable, I mean that it’s probably visible from outer space. It’s very spicy. And while I can assure you that it’s also stunningly gorgeous in person, it seems to be wildly unphotogenic, because no matter how I try to take pictures of it, they all end up looking monstrous.

Ugly City, On July 25


If I was really focused and bearing down, Ugly City would be done by now. It’s going up in quite a hurry, because, I guess, the wilder the fabrics, the simpler the construction. There are 20 blocks that make up the center of the quilt, and I’ve got 11 of them pieced already, with the other nine about halfway done. Of course, I discovered as I was laying the squares out for this picture that I was supposed to have selected four squares to go on the corner posts of the outer border, and I neglected to do that. So it would probably be more accurate to report that I have 11 of the 20 done, with the other nine halfway done, less the four I’m going to have to tear out, plus the four not-meant-to-be-the-corner-posts pieces that haven’t been worked on at all yet. In other words, it’s not as far along as I had hoped. Which is a good thing, because I am thoroughly enjoying working on this quilt, and don’t want to be done with it any time soon. I want to savor the ugly.

Halloween Cats


Since I had decided to not race through Ugly City, I was able to make an impulse purchase when I first spotted Sheri Berry’s “Trick or Treat Street” line of Halloween prints. Now, I am not a huge fan of Halloween, and kind of figured I wouldn’t be the kind of person who makes seasonal quilts, but as soon as I saw those little cats with their trick or treat bags, I tossed that notion right out the window. I’m calling this project “SQUEEEEE!!! City”.

Halloween Quilt

When I’m working on this, I’m normally emitting a squeal of delight that is so high-pitched only dogs can hear it.

It’s a simple nine-patch of 2 1/2-inch squares that I’m going to sash with black and have the orange brocade as post squares. I’m going to border the whole thing with a random edging of the 2 1/2-inch squares. In other words, simple, quick, adorable, and exactly the kind of piecing I love to do.

Halloween Bat & Devil

You can’t hear it, but I’m squealing just looking at it right now. All the dogs in the neighborhood are barking. It’s just so cute!!

Finally, and most surprisingly, I’m working on my Figgy Pudding quilt again.

Figgy Pudding on July 25

I know! Shut up! It’s true!

When Pookie and I first got the quilting bug last December, Boomer was delighted to produce from the depths of her stash two kits that we had apparently picked out. Pookie’s was the sassy, spicy Merry Go Round and mine was this snoresville grandma-print kit of a Fig Tree Quilts project. It was their Figgy Pudding pattern, with their Dandelion Girl line of fabric. It’s a very lovely quilt, but as a newly-minted fabric enthusiast, it bored me to tears. I wanted spicy. I wanted adventure. I wanted to be just like Pookie.

So I put Figgy Pudding away, weakly insisting that sure, I’d totally get back to it someday. I spun some sort of bogus excuse that the fabrics were too autumnal, and what I really wanted back in January was something that would feel all newer, better life or even Springtimey. Figgy Pudding became my shameful secret.

Not Spicy

Zzzzzzzz City

So fast forward to mid-July, and imagine my surprise when, in the middle of happily puttering away on Ugly City and SQUEEEEE!!! City, I suddenly felt an undeniable urge to resume work on Figgy Pudding. It turns out I was right — I was going to come back to it as soon as I was hit with autumnlonging again!

Faux Spicy

It’s a tiny bit spicy… if you squint…

And that’s where I’m at now. Figgy Pudding’s squares are almost halfway completed, and then there’s all manner of sashing to put in around them, so it’s still a substantial project. Ugly City is only probably a couple of weeks of hard work from being done. And SQUEEEE!!! City is just for fun anyway — goodness only knows if I’ll plan on enjoying working on it during the Halloween season, or try to have it finished for it. Whatever I decide, I’m really enjoying where I’m at in my works in progress!

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11 responses to “Quilting Progress Report: Schnookie Edition

  1. hg

    And Figgy Pudding is the one I’m getting from you for my birthday right? :-D

  2. Ummm… right! That’s exactly it!

  3. hg

    YES!!!!! I knew it! hee hee

    It looks amazing! When I finally make it to Maple Hoo, can I curl up in all of them and make a little nest bed? I will be tired from walking through the fields.

  4. That IS an awful lot of walking. I think for you we can definitely make a quilt nest bed. In fact, for that much walking, we might need more quilts. I better get working on them!

  5. hg

    Whoo! I’m practicing a lot! I even have new shoes to wear! I think they will need a quilt nest bed each as well. hee hee

  6. Hope you enjoy your Figgy Pudding this fall even if its a bit snoresville for your style!

    …. from Fig Tree

  7. hg, I’ll make a little shoe-sized nest, too! :D

    And thanks, joanna! The more I’m working on Figgy Pudding this second time around, the crazier about it I’m getting. I think I just had to grow into it!

  8. hg

    Yay! And how about a Hada sized one? For her new apartment complex in the corner that her Uncle H brought for her? My dastardly camera is on the fritz or else you would be swamped with pictures of The Boss of Everything.

  9. A cat without a quilt is a sad, sad sight indeed! Hada’s apartment complex must be be-nested! :D (That’s such a bummer about your camera, though. Maybe you need to have it fixed and/or replaced for your birthday…)

  10. hg

    It truly is sad but she does have a fuzzy blue blanket that HR made on the upper level so that will do for now. (I’m thinking replaced and I put that bug out there for Mr.A a couple of months ago…)

  11. Please note: I’m a big fan of SQUEEE! I HEART those bats!

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