5 responses to “Picky Eating With Pookie… And Schnookie

  1. For some reason I read the first mention of “beet greens” as “green beans.” But only the first one. Which meant I was really confused for the remainder of the post. But I think I got it now.

  2. Heather, :^:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I think that’s a pretty easy mistake to make. :D

  3. Mags

    I’d never even considered eating beat greens. I mean, I hate beats in a sort of *gagsplutterdie* so I never have any beats to eat the greens off. However, Mummers loves them, so this might be worth trying. She can have her beats, I can try the beat greens.

    (It helps that you’re so enthousiastic about them. If they turn out gross, I’m blaming you)

  4. I will totally take the blame if you end up hating them, Mags. I can live with that. :D (Pookie is also a *gagsplutterdie* beet-hater, so she was very doubtful. She also hates cooked greens for the most part, but she was very pro-beet green. Maybe you should blame her if you hate them…)

  5. Beat greens…haha! I didn’t mean to type THAT kind of beats – as in “getting the beatin’ of the week”, but I think I’ll keep it.

    Anyway, beat greens remind me of my Grandma Dorothy. She loved them! I never got it. Maybe I’ll try it. Now that I’ve renamed them beats. It makes me want to eat them now.

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