The State Of Our Garden, Through A Different Lens

Last week we found ourselves outside after work, releasing ladybugs around our apple trees (for aphid control. Who knows how well it works? We’ve seen neither hide nor hair of the ladybugs since. Yeah, we just got played for fools by Big Ladybug, but what gardener hasn’t?), and attempting to document the event with the first camera Pookie grabbed. As it happens, it was the camera with the 50 mm lens on it. The pictures of the ladybugs were uninspiring…

May 15 2009

…but when Pookie took the Fiddy around to the side of the house where the hanging baskets of flowers are, she rediscovered what’s so great about this lens.


Hallmark Card

Even though the Fiddy is our smallest and lightest lens, we tend not to use it in the garden because it doesn’t do wide angles and doesn’t do super-duper, eensy-weensy close-ups like the 100mm, but after seeing those flower pictures, we decided to spend the weekend undertaking a Fiddy Challenge. It was time to document how our garden was coming along while taking baby steps toward mastering that lens.

The marigolds are all still just wee seedlings, with funky textures abounding when seen through the Fiddy:

Marigold Seedlings

The garlic is bustin’ out all over, and we’ve been harvesting it to make into green garlic pesto, which is crazy delicious:

Dreamy Garlic

The onions finally look like bona fide plants instead of scraggly little green strings:

Dreamy Onions

The peppers are ever so close to being planted in their forever beds:

Pepper Seedlings on May 16

The tomatoes are in the ground and growing away:

Mixed Bed

And the potatoes are, once again, trying to be the plants that ate Maple Hoo:

Potatoes May 16

May 16 Potato Overhead

Also, our overwintered pots of sage are bolting:

Sage in May

Sage Flower

And we’re completely indifferent to the encroaching weeds creeping in through the fence:

Caged Dandelion

Dandelion 3

Dandelion 2

Of course, just as I was falling deeply and irrevocably in love with the Fiddy, Pookie went and took this picture with the 100, with all the awesome fuschia bokeh. Oh, macro lenses — how can we choose which one we love best?

Fuschia Bokeh

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5 responses to “The State Of Our Garden, Through A Different Lens

  1. Sarah

    The fuschia and Dandy Lion pics rock.

  2. the 50mm takes awesome pictures, but it sure has its limitations. You wouldn’t know it, looking at these photos!

    psssssst! you don’t have to pick a favorite, since you have two cameras and two awesome lenses! ha!

  3. Thanks so much, Sarah!

    And you’re right, elizabeth. Heh. Of course, it’s so tough to drag BOTH cameras all ten feet outside the front door into the garden. I mean, that’s a lot of work! Heh. (And the 50 is such a strange creature. There’s so much it can’t do, but so much it does so well, and it seems like it will take a lifetime to master. I thought I was getting into an easy relationship when we got it! :P)

  4. Mmmm…fuchsia bokeh…dreamy! Your garden is excellent. Huzzah for the fiddy!

  5. Douglas

    Great looking potatoes. Actually, everything in your garden looks good. I finally got my garden planted yesterday. I took a week off from work two weeks ago, expressly to prepare the soil and plant the garden. Then, it rained almost every day. But now, the garden’s in — tomatoes about 40 percent of it — but also, swiss chard, beets, lettuce, kale and collard greens (in descending order of space alotted). I’m hopeful. Some 310 square feet, and I dug all of it by hand.

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