For no reason other than that we love the 100mm macro lens, here are some pictures we took today of dandelions in the front yard. On a day where hockey was deeply, terribly bittersweet, it’s nice to find beauty in the simple things, to be reminded that all is not misery and woe.


April 29 2009



[Posted by Schnookie]



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7 responses to “Dandelions!

  1. You make dandelions look so beautiful!

  2. Sarah

    I love it that you like dandelions as much as I do!

  3. Dandelions are the easiest pretty thing in the whole yard!

  4. carolbrowne

    I love the second one. Beautiful!

  5. Mags

    I agree with Carol, that second photo is a thing of beauty!

  6. Douglas

    We’re sorry. Dandelions are the enemy. These photos are artistic, but creepy (given that they are of dandelions). Dandelions’ only saving grace is that the greens can make a decent salad. But red leaf lettuce is so much easier.

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