April 25 At Maple Hoo: A Morning In Pictures

There’s not a ton of new or exciting garden news to report here yet, what with this being a ridiculously chilly spring so far. Last year we had no real concerns about the last possible frost date, since we were confident it was over once March was in the rearview mirror. But this year it seems more likely that we’ll have one more crazy cold night before Mother’s Day, so we’re being hesitant to move any of our delicate summer belle plants even into the cold frame, let alone into the garden beds proper. But today was one of those “taste of the season to come” summer-esque days, with the sweltering sun and the temperatures near 90, so we took the opportunity to document the grounds in photograph.

Peas April 25 2009

Our peas are still wee little winkies, and we don’t have a lot of hope that they’re going to yield anything before we need the bed they’re in for our pepper plants. We were kind of wishing the potatoes, which have been lagging, wouldn’t sprout so we could keep the peas and move the pepper bed into the failed potato bed, but no such luck. When we went out this morning, sure enough, the potatoes were just starting to poke up out of the soil. We’ll just have to enjoy taking pictures of the peas while they last.

Peas in Sun and Shadow

The garlic, meanwhile, is coming in like gangbusters. It’s a veritable forest already, and tonight we’ll be pulling up a few of them to have some green garlic in our Saturday pasta dinner.

Garlic Forest

Elsewhere in the yard, we’ve got all kinds of blossoming, growing things to be turning the 100 on. Like the azaleas:


And the petunia I got as a door prize (!) at a meeting this week at work:

Petunia 1

And the peach trees:

April 25 2009

Rio Peach Blossoms 2

And the apple trees:

Enterprise Apple Blossom

Granny Smith Blossoms 2

Granny Smith Blossom 1

Even the dandelions are pretty:


As are the ladybugs:


And inspired by Sarah’s fern photo from last week, we stopped by Boomer’s fernarium in the backyard and took a few shots there, too:

Baby Ferns

Baby Ferns

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4 responses to “April 25 At Maple Hoo: A Morning In Pictures

  1. The ladybug picture is AWESOME. Haven’t seen any here yet, though this morning we saw our first proper butterfly. Our apple blossoms are not as far along as yours, though our peas are taller. Now I want to go outside and take more pictures!

  2. I spent the morning planting grass seed (which is much more work than “planting grass seed” sounds) and it was really hard work but I *loved* it. I felt so accomplished! While I was working I was looking around the yard, trying to picture the best place for a little garden which is ALL your fault, I’m pretty sure :P

  3. Pookie

    YAY! I’ll be happy to take the blame for encouraging you to garden! :D Think of all those tasty tomatoes and potatoes! It’s much more fun doing yardwork (aka “yardfun”) when it’s your own yard, isn’t it? Woo-hoo!

  4. carolbrowne

    My invisible sweetpeas are doing just fine. Ah Boo!

    I love your fruit tree blossoms! So beautiful.

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