Garden Update: The Seedlings Are Growing!

As much as the weather here is trying its hardest to stay on the “chilly” end of the springtime temperatures spectrum, it can’t fool us into thinking summer is never going to come. It might not be warm out, but the sunlight’s getting more and more garden-y, and in our little plant window the seedlings are getting readier and readier to be in the garden.

Staking Day

Our baby onions have all been moved to their bed in the garden (and look typically tiny, pathetic and unlikely to ever amount to anything, as onion seedlings are wont), so now the windowsill is just filled with tomatoes and peppers. Today we finished transferring the peppers from their planter-trays (which were just take-out containers from the place we get frozen ravioli from) into peat seedling pots, and if the first wave of transplants was any indication, they will spend a few nerve-wracking days looking horribly shocked. But after a while, they’ll stop being such drama queens, stand up straight, and start growing in earnest.

Staking Day Pepper

Meanwhile, our tomatoes were put into their peat pots a few weeks ago; they’ve even had two days sitting in their trays in the garden, to take the sun, but they’re still a long way from moving into the cold frame. They’re such delicate little things.

Staking Day

They’re also tall enough now that they’re flopping over, because they can’t support their own weight. Man, being a gentlewoman farmer is so much work because these damn plants can’t do even the slightest thing for themselves.

Staking Day

Of course, it’s nothing a few bamboo skewers and some kitchen twine can’t fix — after a few fussy minutes of untangling the leaves and trussing up the wee plants, our tomatoes look sturdier, happier, and even more eager about a summer of giving us tons of delicious rewards for all our labors.

Staking Day


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6 responses to “Garden Update: The Seedlings Are Growing!

  1. I feel I’ve committed the cardinal sin. I bought my heirloom tomato plants from QVC. I’m only seeding grape and cherry. Herbs on the other hand? Oh, I have herbs.

  2. Schnookie

    There’s no shame in that! We keep reminding ourselves that if our seedlings all fail (which, with peppers, is pretty likely), we can just buy plants from the local nursery. And I keep thinking very quietly to myself, “Hm. That sounds so much easier than this…” Heh.

    What kind of heirloom plants did you get from QVC? And what kinds of herbs are you rocking? And can you even believe it’s the time of year to be thinking about tomatoes and herbs again??

  3. I currently have cultivating on my countertop chives, tarragon, parsley, basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, mint and sage. My mom planted these while I was painting and had a hard time seeing some of seeds so I’ll have no problem serving an oregano salad, with a side of oregano and a homemade oregano dressing. =)

    I’m getting 8 tomato plants from QVC, two each of Sunset’s Red Horizon, Principe Borghese, Abraham Lincoln and Pink Oxheart. I’m very excited!!! Now to just get those raised beds done. ::shifty eyes::

  4. Pookie

    That’s so exciting, Chaz! I can’t wait to hear how all your various seeds do!

  5. Schnookie

    Oh MAN, Chaz, I just looked up all your tomatoes, and it sounds like you’re going to have a DELICIOUS summer. Wow. (Although it’ll be more delicious if you put in those raised beds… ::smugly smirking::) (Just kidding. :D)

    And I’m so jealous of your herb dedication! I keep trying to grow herbs, but I’m so lazy and basically end up letting them all go to seed. Someday I’ll have to visit Chez Chaz for that legendary oregano salad. :P

  6. The raised beds should go in this weekend. Yeah! I have that all figured out, it’s just time to execute. =) The raspberry bushes are currently homeless. I’ll need to get that figured out before they arrive.

    I’m in love with herbs. My parents have a great collection of Thyme, Chives, Basil and curly parsley, so I’m hoping I will have the same luck. I haven’t had too much luck in the past with herbs. I think its because they were in containers…there’s no way it was my fault! =P

    The invitations for my oregano party will be sent as soon as I perfect the oregano vinaigrette recipe. There’s a lot of decisions that can impact the overall “goodness” of my salad dressing. =)

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