The Works and Other Maple Hoo Blooms

A few years ago, Schnookie and Boomer spent a Saturday planting “The Works” — hundreds of bulbs for a variety of daffodils. The majority of them ended up around the base of the locust tree out front; they looked so spectacular the first year they bloomed that our neighbor asked if she could copy us! This year I decided to take the 100mm out to take a tour of some of the different kinds we have growing. While I was there, I stopped to take a few shots of other blooming wonders in the yard.

White and Orange Daffodil

Bicolor Daffodil

White Daffodil Petals

Daffodil Petal

Sunny Daffodils 3


Little White Flowers

Peach Blossoms 5

Peach Blossoms 8

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2 responses to “The Works and Other Maple Hoo Blooms

  1. Sarah

    Is than an azalea I see blooming already? I was delighted to see that in the 3 hours I was out this late afternoon, our pink tulips began to bloom. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (sung the Christmas way)

  2. It really is the most wonderful, isn’t it? And yeah, our little azalea out front, the one that gets tons of morning sun, has been blooming for a week now! It’s so exciting! (I’m so jealous of your tulips, by the way. Stupid deer…)

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